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October 12th 2009 4:38 am

How do I get a licence?

My sister needs windows Xp for her Macbook. What is the cheapest legal way to obtain a copy of Windows Xp?

Is it cheaper to just buy a cheap PC Laptop?

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If you buy a cheap PC laptop, the license that comes with it will only work on that particular laptop. You can't just transfer the XP license over, unfortunately.
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I really have to pay $350 or whatever it is?

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I bought a copy of XP for my MacBook Pro at Costco for $99. I've seen it at BestBuy for $129.
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89.99 on newegg.
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I saw that "Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 for System Builders - OEM"

Is that a consumer version? WTF does that mean?

This is one reason I like OSX it is easy to know what you are getting because there are only two options "OSX" or "OSX for Servers" it is easy.
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I just nick the codes from the bottom of my work colleagues laptops ;-)
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