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March 21st 2014 11:15 am

How do you find new apps and software to check out?

While we all probably have the pieces of software we've come to rely on day-in day-out, I think we all can agree we're always open to finding new apps and software to try out. Aside from relying on news sources, like here at Engadget, app store suggestions and Twitter, where do you go to get recommendations for apps and software?

My favorites sites of late are the following:
  • The Sweet Setup (thesweetsetup.com/) -- this is a site started by Shawn Blanc where the focus is to pick the best piece of software to accomplish different goals. While it's 100% focused on iOS and OS X, it's a great site to check out and follow to get new recommendations. In addition to picking software, there are interviews with various writers and developers about their preferred set up. I find these interesting to read to perhaps find other tools that may not get covered on the main site.
  • Beautiful Pixels (https:­/­/beautifulpixels.com/) -- the aim of this site is to highlight the best looking apps out there. They cover mainly iOS and OSX software, but do shuffle in Android stuff pretty often now. While I think form over function isn't always the best way to tackle something, I've found the author tries to find stuff that balances out the two. I find this site to be a great resource to discover new games, like Lyne and Kami.
  • Android Niceties (http://androidniceties.tumblr.com) -- in the same vein as Beautiful Pixels, this site is 100% focused on Android. It came about mainly at a time when it was really hard to find well designed apps in the Play Store. When I still had my Android phone I liked coming here to find stuff during that awkward design phase from 2.3-4.x. Fair warning, the site can be really resource intensive because all the images are huge.
Obviously being an Apple user my preferred sites are going to skew in that direction, but I always like finding out about great resources like the ones mentioned above. So if you got any you'd like to share let's hear em!

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For me, it's mainly news sources. I follow an Android site (Android Community), an Apple site (MacRumors) and an iOS gaming site (TouchArcade).
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  • Product Hunt (www.producthunt.co/) -- A daily leaderboard of the best new products. Each day, contributors post and discuss their latest discoveries.
  • Beta List (betali.st/) -- A curated list of internet startups that are currently in private beta and have a so called 'beta list' where interested people can subscribe to, to be notified when the startup goes live.
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Thanks for the shout out re: Product Hunt, Mitchell. :)
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