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June 18th 2010 2:41 pm

How does 3D without glasses work?

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the simple explanation I read (about the 3DS tech in particular) said it uses vertical slits along the screen which project an image out in two different directions - towards each of your eyes. In this way, you are able to perceive depth and adjust the angle at which you receive the picture to modulate the 3D effect. I'm guessing there were some physics majors involved...... :)
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So basically it's a scheme by Nintendo to make the whole world cross-eyed?
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You won't need to trick your brain- the 3ds will do that for you. The screen lets your right and left eyes see two different things (based on the viewing angle- which your eyes will always each have their own- dictated by the shape of your skull) controlled by the machine's 3d hardware. I am very excited for this device.
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It sounds kind of cool. I hope it isn't a gimmick.
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definitely some optical engineers involved, too.
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