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January 30th 2013 2:58 am

How does Creative Suite work on Apple iMac?

I'd like to know if InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop work well on the new iMac. I'm thinking to change my Windows pc (Intel Xeon X5450 3.00 GHz 8 GB RAM). I work also with 3D programs like Rhinoceros.
Thank ou! :)

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The Adobe Creative Suite apps definitely work on a Mac. As for Rhino, I'm almost certain there's still no Mac version of it.

However, there are alternatives to get Windows programs working on a Mac. Using Windows on a virtual machine, such as VMWare Fusion, you can have the Windows program act like a native Mac app with the Windows look and feel to it.

Edit: Also, you could always reboot into Windows. I know, these alternatives are really not as convenient as having it as a native program, but I figured you may want to know that you're not completely constrained from it.
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Thanks Met,
I was no clear with my question. I know that the Creative Suite works on a Mac and ther is also a Mac version of Rhino.
But, I'd like to know if those programs work well. If they are slow or fast because I use those programs in my job. I'm a technical illustrator.
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I'm not sure of Rhino, since I didn't even know they had already released the Mac version. As for the Adobe programs, they feel just as smooth for me on Mac as they are on Windows.
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Rhino works fine. Not 100%. But I am a product designer and have been working in the beta builds of Rhino for the past 4 years and have almost no problems. I have been able to do all actions that I needed to. Every now and then McNeel will release a new beta version of Rhino that has a bug but will normally fix that bug within the first few days. You just have to realize that it is still in beta, so there will be issues every now and then.

Also, CS works great on OS X. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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