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October 2nd 2013 11:37 pm

How does this compare to a Nikon d7000?

I know this may sound like an idiotic question, but hear me out, I've got a DSLR and find myself using my HTC One instead -- partly because it's always with me, but also because it's light, pocketable and CONNECTED. I'm wondering if the RX100 II could give me close-to-DSLR quality with smartphone connectivity. THANKS!

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I recently bought a Sony NEX 5R and love it. However it's main flaw is that it doesn't fit in my pocket. So when I think I'm going to be taking pics I bring my Nikon AW100 or just use my iPhone.

But....if this had come out before I bought my 5R, I would have gone all in on it.


Apparently the lens on this is comparable to the RX100 (and it's cheaper).

PS The wifi on my 5R sucks, but wifi on cameras is going to take a while before it's any good.
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