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August 25th 2009 11:47 pm

How good is this?

So I'm not like, a huge photography buff or anything,

But I'm really wanting to get more into it because I always see things that would make cool pictures & frankly I just would like a camera to have....

Would this camera be a decent start out for fairly cheap because I don't want to make the first camera I buy a £500 odd DSLR super machine.

If anyone can help


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It's a great shooter for the price.
I've used a number of fuji compacts for a while and bought this camera for it's longer zoom, and HD video recording capability.
The body is light weight and fairly small.

I did have an initial problem with the LCD in mine. It had some vertical banding, so I had to drop it off to Fuji for replacement/repair.

They fixed the issue but another issue poped up when the camera is pointed at bright sun - the sensor go crazy. I'm not sure if this is standard with all cameras.

Either way, it hasn't affected my use of the camera.
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