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July 2nd 2009 6:29 pm

How I got a Super Nintendo

My father bought an NES when I was a child. He claimed to have bought it for myself and my two siblings, but I suspect he just used that as an excuse to get in on some Duck Hunt action. We used to play it all the time until lightning struck our chimney and fried the system (along with many other electronics, and the chimney). A few weeks later, we got a SNES. Donkey Kong Country was the first game I ever bought with my own money, and it was the game that really got me into gaming.

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That's pretty unfortunate about the lightning, but you gotta be glad that it led to getting you (in my opinion, atleast. =P) the best video game console ever. I got my SNES from one of my brothers' friends many, many years ago. He even gave us all of his games (and he had a lot!) My first game on it was probably Super Mario Bros. 3. Best game ever. Played it for hours and hours, over and over again.
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I got a SNES when my neighbor in college brought it over so we could play. He said we could keep it at my place. When he figured out that I didn't want to date him he didn't come back to pick it up. Oh wells! I still have it and the mouse controller for Mario Paint.
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i think i may have the best story ever, long, but good. . My bro (whio is in college) was at a party, when some dude started to make fun of him ( i think it was his shirt) they threw some punches buit nothing really went down, the next part of the story is fuzzy, i dont exactly know all the details, but some how he gave my bro the keys for his car and left. (this may have been a day or two later) because he had the keys and this guys car, he went looking through it and found the NES with about 10 games and the zapper in the trunk. he took it home and everyuthing worked perfectly (well, as well as a NES can work). the best part of this story is that dude knows nothing about anything and also probibly doesnt remember the party all that well, and when they were in a class together a few weeks later the dude didnt even remember my bro, or the NES that was in his trunk.
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My little brother was born with a heart condition and had to have a few heart surgeries as a small child. Having to spend so much time in a hospital bed, my parents bought him an NES. When he came home he brought it with him and a new world opened for my sister and I. Our very own NES! (They were already popular by this point) We used to take our allowance and walk down to the video store to rent games for the weekend. I rented California Games 3 times before my parents bought me the game. Rented Bill and Ted only once. Now I have a Wii, and my boyfriend plays his PS3 frequently. Who knows what my kids will be playing in a few years? We can't wait to see.
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