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February 7th 2010 3:08 am

How is the TV out?

I always wanted it on my PSP-1000. Seems simple, but is there anything I'm missing? Like DRM issues? Gameplay limitations?

I'm really looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles, Knights in the Nightmare, and Metal Slug XX. Being able to play these games on my TV would be awesome.

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TV Out works well with component. Outside of games, it's full screen and 480p I believe. Inside the games, it takes up a section of the 480p equal to the resolution of the PSP Screen (480x272.) It can get expensive. To use TV Out and charge the unit at the same time, you need the Docking station, a PSP 1000/2000/3000 charger, and a Component cable.

Added benefit: If you have a PS3, you can also link a PS3 Sixaxis or DS3 controller to the PSP Go, and play PSP games on your TV with a full sized controller.

Side note, the Composite cable cannot be used with PSP Games, only with the photos, web, videos, etc. Need a Component cable for games.
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