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August 7th 2009 10:41 am

How long will the 5DmkII battery last?

I just had my 5DmkII - finally - to replace my old 40D. One thing I started to wonder: whereas I was able to take easily more than 1000 pics, even 1200, with the 40D, even though it was almost two years old, the 5DmkII manual states that the battery would last only for some 800-850 pics.

What kind of experiences do you have? I'm shooting weddings, and with 40D I didn't need an extra battery..

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You might also look into the Battery Grip. A bit pricy but it houses two batteries so no switching is needed and if I remember right will also let you use AA if you need to in a pinch.
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I shot a wedding for eight hours. I shot 1600 frames plus about 5 short video clips (IS on the 70-200mm but mostly using the 24-70mm). I had one bar on the battery left at the end of the day. I think that is pretty impressive but I am definitly going to buy another battery (if I can find one in stock) because I really don't like the idea of getting near an empty battery. Especially at a wedding,
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That's something I also thought; 850 on the manual sounded very few. Well, I did buy another battery anyway; it wouldn't be very good idea to ask the bride and bridegroom to wait a couple of hours until I'll get my battery charged ;)
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Haven't measured mine, but both the Live View (if you use it) and IS are good battery-suckers that you might not have had on the 40D.
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40D actually has Live View, although I hardly use it. Don't have IS lenses either. But I guess I just have to go and buy a spare battery anyhow :)
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