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April 4th 2014 1:39 pm

How many domain names do you currently have registered?

I got a renewal notice from name.com on one of the many domains that I've managed to accumulate over the years. As I opened up my panel, it made me realize that I sure do have a lot of domains. There's obviously the more obvious ones, like my first and last name on various TLDs, but there's some more ridiculous and specific ones as well.

I currently have 10 domains spread out between 3 different registrars. What?! And I recently let a bunch of random ones expire, such as stupidvuvuzela.com (made for the 2010 World Cup and simply played vuvuzela sounds when you went to the page) and pocalyspe.net, which now points to some zombie game. My original intent was to easily setup subdomain and display the results of various Twitter searches for things like SNOWPOCALYPSE (e.g., snow.pocalypse.net), BARTPOCALYPSE (Bay Area transit meltdown), and other various "disasters" that affect us.

Anyway, care to share how many domains you have registered, and some of the more interesting ones you may have?

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It looks like I have 38. That's not quite fair, because a number of those (maybe a third) are registered for clients of mine, so they pay me to handle them.

Another third is for my business.

The last third are just fun ones.

On a related note: I have 11 email addresses all coming into my GMail account.
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Just 1. My name, because hell if I ever let that one expire
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As a web developer and hosting provider you would think I would have more but I only have 12 all legit all active and operational to cover the different facets of my personal and business life and all thru one registrar GoDaddy!
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Of the top of my head I think I only own three, maybe four. Sadly none of mine are funny in anyway.
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I have a little over 30. There are the main domains that my wife and I use for our email as well as my business email, then each of my children I registered domain names for them as soon as we named them so that they would have the best personal domain emails possible when old enough to use them.

I then registered all the domains I could think of that pertained to my business and location redirecting them to my main site. I also keep an eye out for domains that may become popular based on events or the like.
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