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July 3rd 2009 2:49 pm

How many enV 's did you go through before you gave up?

I think I went through five of these babies. The only one I ever had that worked right was the first one, that is until I accidentally took it along for the ride on a water slide. After that it was all crappy refurbs from the insurance company.

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Still on my first one but it likes to turn off randomly and tries to access the web and some music program for no apparent reason. Not to mention I have it through Verizon and they lock everything down so it's impossible to use (except for a small fee, of course). I'm getting the hell away from Verizon and LG phones as soon as my contract is up.
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My first one is still going strong. I don't use it anymore, but my finance does. It's showing a little wear and tear, but everything still works. Overall it's been quite a sturdy phone... going on what, three years since it was released?
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this was actually the best phone i've ever owned... i dont know why i upgraded and sold it =

i got the voyager after this phone and i am regretting it so much. i think i would go back to enV from my voyager any day!
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In my experience, the LG enV is one of the sturdiest phones I've ever used, and mine took a good beating for the year I had one. I upgraded to an LG Dare (quite sturdy also for being a touchscreen phone) because my enV's battery was hardly holding a charge, but if a replacement battery was cheap enough, I would have stuck with that, because it is a great phone.
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I'm on my second one, but the first lasted a full year and got really beat up. Eventually, it stopped receiving calls and would go straight to voicemail, but Verizon replaced it and have not had any problems. After over 2 years the original battery will not hold a charge, but I just bought a replacement since it was cheap enough. My wife still uses this as her everyday phone.
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Yeah, mine's beginning to not receive some calls.
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I've had my original one for two years now. The battery's dying a slow horrible burning death, but other then that it's still going strong.

I do have other complaints though, limitation on software blows, the web browsing is horrible, and everything cost money. Yet for some odd reason, I've grown very attached to my enV, I think it's mostly because of the tricks and work arounds I was able to come across the internets.
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My wife and I each got one and had no trouble with either.
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