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August 10th 2009 11:01 am

How many of us blew into our cartridges?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who did this.

Used to blow into the game cartridges when they wouldn't load. Just a quick blow phwwwoosh and then, magic! lol

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I blew like a mad man into my cartridges.
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I guess the real question is "who didn't blow into their cartridges?"
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Yep. Had to blow on them as well as push them in, the pull them out slightly before pushing them down...
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This made using the Game Genie even more annoying! Two contacts to clean and blow on and having to shimmy that big two-piece getup to make it work! But you could moon jump in Super Mario Bros.! So it was all worth it...
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Why didn't they just release a top loading unit instead of this stupid lunch box of a console? A friend of mine had a Famicom and he never had to blow the cart to make it work.

But yes, everyone that I know who had an NES had to blow that freaking cart every time we had to play. Even with new games for some reason. We've also done the "wiggle", the wipedown, the cleaning cart, and also double carting, where you put the game in, press it down, and put another game above it. Seems to work 80% of the time, as opposed to the 50% blowing did.
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they did release a top loading one.... eventually...


This console is rare and I really want one!!! (and I want it to have its OWN page on this site)

also released a redesigned snes...

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I know they released on. I meant, instead of releasing the lunch box one first, they should've just released the top loading one first.

They do have consoles that play both NES and SNES games on the same console. All top loading. There are some that are NESOAC (NES On A Chip) and cannot play games properly (US version of SMB2). Connector wise, you won't be able to use your old skool NES controller or the Zapper.

Yeah, I'm in the market for one of those top loader NES consoles. I think one of the used game shops has one...might check them out.
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Nintendo didn't know Americans would use the NES as a coaster!!! LOL - thats why they redesigned it in such a way were you can't place anything on it and why the SNES looks so odd too.

There are plenty of these available online if you got the dough:



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its amazing how people will all figure out a way to make something work at the same time even without anyone telling them... this NES trick is certainly one of those things....
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Guilty. But I want to know how we all knew to blow into it, at 8+ years old, without running to internet forums ;-). Add to that the cartridge thigh/butt-slapping, in-console nudging...ah the good old days...
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thats what I'm saying! I don't know how we all knew, but we did... we did anything we could to play some more games...
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IMHO, we blew into the cartridges because that's what had worked so well with the earlier generation of cartridge consoles like the atari.

/me notices that half of the pacman intro screen is presently colored magenta / pulls cartridge, blows mightily into base, reinserts cartridge.

ah, that's better.
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Imagine how easier our life would have been if we all knew about, and had access to a replacement 72 Pin connector.

I also used the Game Genie to avoid the blowing (sounds so wrong haha).

But honestly like I don't see what if anything blowing on a cartridge 4000 times would do to help improve the situation, but we still did it.
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I played a ton of Atari 2600 before we got our NES and I don't recall blowing into the cartridges on that console. I remember adjusting the cartridges. I don't remember blowing into cartridges before or after the NES really....
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Hahaha... I LOVE IT!!! I just did it yesterday on my NES!!! Brings back sooo many memories... endless hours of classic gaming fun! Everyone blew into their cartridges, it was a ritual!!! LoL, I did even before I started the game... you know? Just in case =P
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you could say i gave all my games a good blow...
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