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July 8th 2009 2:52 am

How many people are going to get the My Touch 3G?

Look it's going to be a great phone, but it's too similar to the G1 it's the exact same phone (feature wise) minus the keyboard, but it does have twice the RAM and more internal memory. Still do you all think it's worth it?

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The next generation of android phones are coming. Why switch from one phone from the same time period to another? If you want a new android, you should look at the hero.
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Hero is a good one, or how about the galaxie/houdini(i think thats what tmo is going to call it) it has 8gb internal storage and the same specs as the hero. Not to mention the "Rachael " phone looks amazing.
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I'm gonna pass on the myTouch3G. As you stated, its basically the exact same phone as the G1, without the keyboard. If you already have the G1... its obvious there is absolutely ZERO reason to switch. Unless of course you completely hate having a physical keyboard, then maaayyyybe I could see it. But still, one wonders why you would have bought the G1 in the first place.

I'm gonna hold off for something that will be classified as a major upgrade to the G1, not just an alternative. My eyes are on Motorola's, T-Mobile "Morrison":


Now there's a phone, as a G1 owner, that'll be worth upgrading to.
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I might consider the Hero if T-Mobile had it, but I strongly prefer a real keyboard over the on-screen.
I'm hoping a 2nd-gen HTC Android device with a keyboard shows up on T-mobile just as my 2 year agreement runs out :)
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That would be nice, although i have a strong feeling by next year there will be at least 5 androids for every carrier. Tmobile should have three after October not including the G1
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