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How much quieter is this? PS3 level?

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It runs quieter than my original PS3, can't compare it to the slim as I don't have one but it is definitely much quieter than the original 360.
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It is definitely quieter than my old Xbox 360 (original) which red ringed last Thanksgiving.

I think it is as quiet (or a bit louder than) as my PS 3 Slim.

The fan on the side does help keep the console cool.
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For me, it's still louder then my launch PS3 but not by much. The new design really does a great job keeping it quiet.

The DVD drive is still pretty loud in my opinion. Thanks to the big hard drive you can install multiple games to it and not even worry about the DVD drive noise.
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it's quieter then my 60gig ps3, if that helps.
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interesting. thanks
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From the sole review I've read on this from Engadget. It's definitely quieter than the older models, but still very much audible when playing straight from the disc or watching a DVD.

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I think we need to give it a few more months to see how loud these things get. I have an older Xbox 360 and over time, it just louder and louder. Fingers crossed that this isn't the case with the new ones...
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