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March 5th 2014 12:24 pm

How much storage space on the Nexus 5 can be used for apps?

I ask this because I am in an argument with a friend who claims that 1.5GB app storage is enough on a phone (Micromax Canvas Knight).

Basically, Canvas Knight is a 32GB phone. Specifications however mention that 1.5GB of the space is available for apps and around 25GB for media.


I have a Nexus 5 and the phone shows that I have consumed nearly 2GB space for apps.

My question.

Can I use the entire storage space on my Nexus 5 32GB for apps? Or there is a partition and apps can only be installed on a smaller portion of that?

Friend claims that on devices with internal storage, apps would automatically start using the bigger partition (in case of Knight) for data storage. And this is why 1.5GB is enough. He also claims that Nexus 5 has a 2GB restriction for apps. Anything above is then stored in the second partition.

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What it looks like Micromax did was carve up the total 32GB of storage. They gave 1.5GB to the OS (base os, apps, browser cache, etc) and are treating the other 25GB as if it was a SD card.

The Nexus has 16GB of storage and IIRC that is a "true" 16GB, nothing is specifically carved up for OS or media. So if you can manage to install 16GB of apps, then yes, all of that space will go to apps.

The 2GB restriction might be old news when the Market/Play limited total app size. It's since moved up to 4GB in total app size.
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Looks like it. A friend of mine showed his phone to me. He has around 5GB of app on his Nexus 4.

I cannot think of one good reason why Micromax would limit the app storage space. It hurts the customer in the longer run.

I mean here you are selling an eight core smartphone with 2GB RAM and 1080p display and you are telling the customer that he cannot install several large games which may not move to SD storage.
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