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March 26th 2014 3:44 pm

How often do you reboot your computer?

Outside of software updates and power failures, I rarely reboot my computers anymore. I thought about this earlier today when I noticed that my Mac mini was being ridiculously sluggish at opening a new Finder window (then again, when isn't it, amiright...)

Anyway, I opened up terminal, ran uptime and saw that it's been running for 28 days. Crazy! How often do you reboot your main machine?

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I reboot my HTPC never.
I reboot my Ultrabook all the time as it boots up so fast I tend to prefer a shutdown to a sleep for battery.
I reboot my work desktop running Windows 7 only when I have a problem. Usually with a display driver. Maybe once or twice a month.
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Only when there are updates. Otherwise my main desktop stays on. It doubles as my Plex server.

I also find I need stuff from it sometime, so I can log into it via GoToAssist (which I use for client support) from wherever I am and send myself stuff.
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Whenever there is updates generally.

Unless it's my 2012 Nexus 7 which after 1000 hours of uptime likes to complain and be awful
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I never intentionally reboot my lenovo laptop, however, I do let the battery die sometimes. My mac, on the other hand, I reboot pretty often when the resolution gets wonky and I cant change it back. I also have an old dell running folding@home that I never reboot. It has no display and I do not touch it.
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With my work Lenovo laptop, it only reboots for updates. It does also occasionally run out of power when out of the office.

For my iMac at home, it only reboots for updates.
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Well as such I don’t reboot my computer often; however for its proper functioning I constantly take it to service center for formatting. Regarding any problem related to computer, the site www.extcity.com­/in­/aarbi­-computer­-services shows the list of different services that could be very helpful for you. Also personal care is equally important, you should update their software and antivirus frequently.
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