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June 29th 2012 10:07 am

how's Samsung updating the non-US Galaxy Nexus?

I'm considering a Galaxy Nexus in the next few weeks, and I'm more biased towards it after the Jelly Bean announcement. however, I've heard that the Brazilian version of the Galaxy Nexus (called here "Galaxy X" for legal reasons, since Google didn't get a deal with Nexus, a small telco here which owns the "Nexus" trademark for telecom services in Brazil - and doesn't operate any mobile networks) is updated not by Google, but by Samsung. and that many non-US Galaxy Nexuses are updated by Samsung too. only the "yakju" and "takju" models are updated by Google.
so, how is Samsung updating the non yakju/takju GNs? is the delay between releases just a few weeks, or several months, if they're released at all?

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I've been curious to hear an answer to this myself. From browsing some local, Swedish, forums I get the impression that Samsung has been months late with updates and many users seem insistent on the need to hack and flash the phone themselves to stay up to date. There also seems to be some driver issues due to Samsung messing about for some reason, it's all a bit unclear as I only started looking into this today.

I must say that I fail to see the point in getting the device if I'd still have to manage updates myself via the hacker community.

I keep hearing that if I want the pure Google Android experience without skins and with continuous and timely updates I should just get the Galaxy Nexus, but now it's starting to look like I'd have to get a specific model of Galaxy Nexus and I'd have to import it from the US because if I just get the locally available phone it's actually just a Samsung phone that happens to have the exact same name and exact same hardware specs as the Galaxy Nexus.

It's getting pretty frustrating.
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Samsung has announced they'll update the Galaxy X (Brazilian Galaxy Nexus) to Jelly Bean this August. Any announcements in other countries?

UPDATE: They've updated it... to 4.0.4.
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UPDATE: Apparently, the Galaxy X updates are tied to the Galaxy S III updates (since the Jelly Bean updates). So, the non-flashed GXs will get 4.3 when (or if) the GSIII gets it.
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