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How's your holiday shopping going?

If you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet, there's still time to pick up some great gifts. To help you finish checking all the boxes on that gift list, we've partnered with Best Buy to pick some great gadgets for everyone on your list. (gdgt.com­/hub­/best­-buy/). These include some of our favorite products, like the iPhone 5, Xbox 360, and Fitbit Aria scale.

What's on your gift list this season? And if you're still shopping, what's your deadline for wrapping up your holiday shopping?

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Shhh, I can't say, they might see!

However, my deadline is pretty much Amazon's deadline for guaranteed delivery by Christmas with Free Super Saver Shipping—one person in this household has Amazon Prime and it sure ain't me.
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Thankfully my family is not filled with gadget/tech people so my wallet will be safe. We got a paperwhite for an in-law and that's really it on the tech front.
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For kids, Best Buy's got the all their Nintendo DS' on for $40 off (3DS for $129, and XL for $159), so I'm betting that will be a popular gift this year. For adults, as posted on the Best Buy page, I'm betting the Kindle Paperwhite will be hot seller this year.

Not really a xmas present, but I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 so I'll be taking my old Droid X home for whichever family member wants it.

Don't think it's as popular here in the US, but back in Canada I know a lot of people will be shopping online/in-stores on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) for cheap deals on electronics.
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I have been advising a certain family member about the iPad vs. the iPad Mini for another certain family member. I tried to make the case for the Mini since it's nicer to hold for longer periods of time, but the full size one is compelling too.

And if Santa doesn't bring one, I'm definitely going to pick up the Nexus 10 after the holidays to treat myself a little somethin' somethin'.
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I already did my big holiday gift purchase, a Microsoft Surface, so the rest are probably going to not gadget related. My deadline is going to be a week before Xmas, because I can't deal with the last minute shopper crowds!
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I can't deal with crowds either. My goal is to do all of my shopping on the internet, and stay as far away from brick and mortar stores as I can.
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