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March 3rd 2010 4:53 am

How Slow is the UI?

Did you guys see the video on Engadget that had a demo of the box?

Man, that really disappointed me as the whole UI looked really sluggish. The TiVo Search Beta UI has been around for a year or two on Series 3 / TiVo HD and I had the same problem with it. It's justt too slow.

The video on Engadget made me feel the same way. Even "simple" things like selecting a show would pop up the spinning wheel hourglass thing, and watching the right side of the menus stream in item by item when the user selected something was really painful.

Ryan, or anyone else that has seen it in person: is the UI really that slow? Or did it just show poorly for some reason on that video?

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Yeah, it looks really slow in that Engadget video. It seems like a really bad idea to gimp their platform with such slow hardware.

It also looks like it still doesn't support gigabit ethernet so Tivo-to-Tivo and Tivo-to-PC transfers will be slow too?

I bet the Flash apps they are talking about will be super slow too.
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