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June 12th 2012 3:03 pm

How to keep your unlimited data plan on Verizon

With all the hoopla going down about Verizon's new shared data plans (gdgt.com­/discuss­/is­-verizon­-s­-new­-shared­-plan­-stru...), there's still time for people who have unlimited data to keep it, at least for now. Verizon is requiring you to move to a tiered plan once you buy a new, subsidized phone, so you have two options:
  1. Upgrade your phone now. These new plans kick in on June 28th, so you have time to buy a new phone. Droid Life has confirmed with Verizon if you buy your phone now, like the Samsung Galaxy SIII, you'll keep your unlimited data: www.droid­-life.com­/2012­/06­/04­/pre­-order­-the­-galaxy...
  2. Buy unsubsidized phones. As long as you don't upgrade your phone, you should be able to keep your unlimited plans. It costs more, but if having unlimited data is critical to you, it might be better to pay more up front and save costs on the higher tier data plans.
I'm not sure if Verizon will let your keep your unlimited data once your contract is up, but this will at least guarantee you'll keep it for the time being.

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