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January 10th 2014 6:25 pm

How would you change Motorola's Droid RAZR M?

Before it became the cuddly face of Google's handset business, Motorola had a knack of knocking out sweet hardware at low prices. The RAZR M, for instance, combined a svelte body, 4.3-inch display and a nippy Snapdragon S4. When you factor in the $99 price point, you can see that, while it won't have excited spec-hounds, mainstream users would find much to like in the package -- kinda like the Moto X in that regard. When we reviewed it, we showered it with praise for those reasons, but now that you've had some time to get to know this handset, were we right?

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Two suggestions that might keep it in the same price range: add 1gb more ram (phone laggy) as top priority, and go to 16 gb storage instead of 8. Other improvements like screen and picture quality are not as essential and would push it out of the price range. Good phone!
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Battery life seems to be waning in it's second year, and really needs Bluetooth LE support on the (Verizon) software side. It could be kept current, but it's not, I assume to push you to that next handset. The camera has been adequate. Overall it's been a good handset and I'm happy with my choice and your recommendation.
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Higher resolution screen and better camera then it's all good
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I've been living with my RAZR M for more than a year now. Loved it day one. Great features like smart actions and a an awesome build quality. Quality is still there but the phone slows down and crashes frequently. I'm guessing that a bit more RAM would do the trick. I'm willing to compromise but the slowdowns have me shopping..
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No more pentile display. Say "NO" to pentile!
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Make the shell out of plastic instead of aluminum. It's too hard on hands without a case. And obviously if it was released today, you'd expect more RAM, a faster processor, and a higher resolution screen. Oh, and make the GPS more accurate.
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In October of 2012 my verizon contract was finally up and I decided it was time to finally step into the smartphone world. I wanted an simple, inexpensive, yet very capable smartphone. I looked at the IPhone and decided that it really wasn't for me and after some research and watching some YouTube videos I decided to go with the RAZR M. This phone has been great. Rarely ever gives me issues and after a year and half, it still works great. The size, shape and feel of the M is fantastic. Its light and yet has a very sturdy feel. Its features are abundant and simple to use.

If I were to make it better I would, give it Kit Kat an HDMI port, and all the features of a Droid HD.
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HDMI port
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