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February 21st 2014 6:39 am

How would you change Motorola’s RAZR i?

Here’s how it is: Intel is king of the PC hill, but in smartphones and tablets, you’re more likely to be using an ARM chip. For a tech behemoth to be beaten by a tiny firm in Cambridge is unacceptable, so Intel started cranking out mobile chips to redress the balance. For the Droid RAZR i, Motorola scooped out the guts of the RAZR M in favor of Intel’s Medfield chip and an “Intel Inside” sticker on the back. When we reviewed it, we found that it was fine at meeting similar mid-range devices head on, but that was about it. But what about you, gentle readers? What did you think?

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The RAZR i is one of the best phones I have used for the price (when price dropped to £130 from orange and 3)
It has more features than all the phones available eg, NFC.
The performance of it was fast in my opinion, although I don't expect my phone to run as fast as my Tablet or my Ultrabook.
The build quality and battery was also great.

The One thing i would like to see on the Razr I is an upgrade to 4.4
When the phone was new, I came across many app that were not compatible however after having the phone for a long time the incompatibility messages were less frequent when looking for apps.
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I just swapped it with Z1 Compact after 1 year of use.
My problems are:
- configurable lockscreen shortcuts: when I gave it ot others for "demo", they always went to the camera by mistake. Also I never used the text, phone and camera icons. For camera I had the longpress on the button.
- lagging...although the most annoying was the lockscreen with mobile banking applications previously used, I did find it also in many other situations. Basically I could not use a lot of apps. (I don't game on phone or tablet...I have a PC for that)
- CPU...when I switched to the Z1C, I felt the difference immediately
- notification shortcuts...I know there are apps for that, but I've seen Samsung and Sony, and it's great having a GPS and NFC toggles which do not take you to the respective settings page.
- stock Google launcher - while it is ok, because of the previous point, I ended having only 2 screens to go fast to the GPS setting
- phone contact storage - I don't like having my phone constacts on Google servers. So combined with the tablets, I ended having a specific process of putting my contacts: wifi on, autosync off, create account, wifi off, autosync on, disable contacts autosync (and others except mail and calendar), import contacts.
- I may have liked a nexus 7 2012-style back (plastic with dimples), but I don't know if it would have worked on such a square device (square part was ok)
- The front bezel with that pattern was kind of strange when cleaning the screen.
- The pentile screen....well it's one of those things that once you notice, you always see it...but it didn't really bother me (and I'm one that puts matte protectors on the screen)

Well, these are my problems with it that came to my mind in these 10 minutes, but I'm still hesitating on selling it (not that I would switch back to it...but I always think a 2nd backup phone is good to have ready in case something happens to the main).
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On balance I'm unhappy and can't wait until October when my contract expires. The main reasons are very slow screen response and regular need to reboot to get the thing to switch between 3G and wireless - which has caused my carrier to get upset about my usage levels + I don't find it very comfortable in the hand - I like to use my phone 1 handed - and I have used Swype for years but I got my old HTC Desire out recently and it was so much more comfortable in the hand. The good things are very good battery life and it fits in my pockets without weighing me down.
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I want to upgrade version of OS on RAZR i. it's still running Android 4.1.2 for along time.
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I would change the screen to a non-pentile panel. The resolution would be fine if each pixel consisted of 3 subpixels.
I also hard bricked my unit and it was impossible to get it repaired in Australia, since they're not distributed here.
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Change the keyboard. Hard to use, constantly making mistakes. Otherwise I love my Razr!
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Couldn't agree more. I finally install Swiftkey and all is well with my keyboard now.

I've had my phone for a year and it feels slow. I'd love it with one of the new processors. I also liked that it didn't come with as much crapware as my old Samsung Droid w/ Verizon did. I want a more stock phone that upgrades regularly w/ Android releases. Like the Nexus products do. Quit splintering the Android world.
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