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April 4th 2014 6:08 am

How would you change Nintendo’s Wii U?

The Wii was, undoubtedly, the success story of the previous console generation, encouraging millions of novice gamers to wave their arms around like a crazy person. The Wii U’s big gimmick, touchscreen gaming, made plenty of sense, considering the quantity of mobile and DS users out there, but it never seemed to take off in the same way. Launching well ahead of the Xbone and PS4, the general opinion of our reviewer was that it simply wasn’t ready for the big time, and sales seem to have backed that up. A year has passed now, so it’s high time that we asked you what Nintendo should have done differently?

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I love the idea of a Pokemon MMO. I've been dreaming of this for years. But there needs to be some serious changes in order to make this feasible. How does the main story play out? You don't want to get sweeped by someone post-game completing their pokedex while you're trying to pass route 1. What about the champion? Is everyone eligible to be the champion? If so, how is that determined? Do you fight all of your battles as the champion? If so, are you available? Or is it some sort of AI controlled copy of you after you claim your title? Are you dethrowned as soon as the next player comes up? Or is does the title come up for election every ? Is it all PVP? PVE? Do you all start in Pallet Town? Etc. There are a lot of things that need to be changed, tweaked, improved upon.

I am not saying this wouldn't be awesome.
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Apart from the name, I mean "Super Duper Nintendo" is better than Wii U! I would:
  • Get rid of the basic version and only sell the premium
  • Lower the price to £149.99 (GB)
  • Allow you to use your own Android/Apple tablet instead of the tablet controller... making it cheaper.
Actually, now I like "Super Duper Nintendo" as a new name :)
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Cater to 3rd party devs. Honestly, the only reason I buy a Nintendo console is to play Nintendo games. Maybe there are a few gems here or there, but ultimately my Wii and DS catalog consisted mainly of NIntendo classic names.

The general audience doesn't follow the gaming scene as the hardcore does, which is scant. The reason why the Wii was so successful was because it was cheaper than its competition ($250 vs $350/$600), the games were simple, and offered a shift in video game interaction which lead to a larger audience.

Wii U is now just a really large HD Nintendo DS that you can't take outside of your house. And if this is where they want to go with their product, then they should think about merging the home and portable console into one. I mean, tablet/smartphone gaming is becoming so relevant and also easy to hook up to a TV screen these days, I wouldn't see why it wouldn't shift into that direction.
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First off I'd start with the specs. The specs of the console should have been far better but they werent. If it was me I would have put a highly modified radeon HD 6970 with all the features that's on the high end 7000 series GPU , 2 I would have added around 12 GB of ram , 3 add a faster CPU that runs at 2.75 to 3GHz with lots of cache and add like 128 MB of edram. Second I would improve the online and make it comparable to Xbox live with loads of features and add adobe flash player as well. Everything else is fine though. Controller is good and the design of the console is fine but they should make it look more advanced
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IMHO, it would have been a no-brainer to sell a "Wii with HDMI" to the myriad of people who have the original - a simple tech upgrade, with a nice bit of kit with the touchscreen controller. Instead, the integration between Wii and Wii U is rubbish, and I have to keep the old console hooked up to the component connectors (which I luckily still have, but for how long?) because I can't be bothered to follow the complicated transfer routine, nor do I understand why they Wii system is a separate entity from the Wii U system.

The point of Nintendo consoles is to make gaming easier. I detest the PS3 with its complicated updates and settings, I just want to play when I have the time (my son loves the PS, I'm sure there's a market for both types). I was so disappointed when my Wii U didn't "just work" out of the box as an upgrade to my Wii.
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Steam Box the Wii-U!
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and Android
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Since the hardware probably won't change and I don't know what to say about the design since I don't have one, I'd say Nintendo should absolutely do two things in later updates:
- Better Internet functionalities, such as a better integration of the Nintendo Network system, so that you don't have the feeling to use two radically different services when you're on a 3DS or on a Wii U
- Bring back Wii Shop titles that aren't available on Wii U yet, such as the N64 Virtual Console titles. As things are right now, Nintendo's Wii doesn't fit as a complete replacement for the Wii, which I think is a problem.
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-make the WiiU the netflix/spotify of the gaming world, don't add a new virtual console game every month, just release them all at once and have an all-you-can-eat model with a monthly fee. Also add GB/GBC to the mix (glad we already have GBA games now) and GameCube games as well.
-the hardware looks cheap, especially the controller. Have it less wide in the middle, more looking like a controller with a screen in the middle than like a tablet, totally glass covered and the screen flush with the top of the controller
-hardware should have been a lot more powerfull, maybe not ps4/xbone level, but somewhere between ps3/ps4 and x360/xbone. Now it's just about the same as ps3/x360 while 7 years late, nobody buys that. It worked once with the Wii, but that's because the motion controls sold it. the touch screen isn't as innovative as everyone has an ipad already.
-get into VR, Nintendo was early with the virtual boy, but with oculus and sony leading the game, it'd be a shame if nintendo got late to the party.
-fullHD 1080p screen on the controller instead of the crappy 480p
-wireless oldschool nintendo controllers for the virtual console (NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube) so you can play a VC game like it should be played.

for the rest, i like my WiiU, especially being able to move the TV-action to the controller's screen and watch some sports in the background.
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I think a possible strategy would have been to make the console x86 for new games and included the original Wii Power PC chip, much like the original PS3 had the Emotion Engine to provide backwards compatibility for PS2 games.

If that would have made the console too pricey, I suppose they could have dropped backwards compatibilty. But seriously, a Wii Power PC chip must cost like $30-50 at this point, if not less. They could have eaten that cost and been the first x86 machine on the block - with backwards compatibility the other consoles ended up lacking.

Nintendo made the same mistake Sega did with the Saturn and Dreamcast: beat everyone out the door a year early by using old tech. It didn't work for Sega and it would have failed Nintendo if it hadn't been for the casual market on the Wii.

Dear Nintendo - specs matter. Please keep that in mind next cycle.
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1. Overhaul the UI. Everything needs to be faster. There's absolutely no excuse as to why it should take 10 seconds to return to the home screen from a game or the eShop.
2. Better legacy support. Why in the hell can't I use the Gamepad as a controller in Wii Mode? It's literally a Classic Controller with a screen.
3. Virtual Console. How are we over a year into the Wii U's lifecycle and the Virtual Console is still as barren as it is? And why is everything so expensive? No N64 games, no Genesis games, limited SNES and NES games. GBA games is a step in the right direction, but $8/game is absurd. For a company that has spent the last decade banking on gamer nostalgia, it's amazing how they've gotten the VC so wrong this time around.
4. More innovation in games. Nintendoland was a big step in the right direction. I've had more fun playing Mario Chase and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day with friends than I have in most video games in a long time. The Gamepad is a unique feature to the Wii U. Use it, and use it well. And then market the hell out of it.
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VC... $0.99 for most NES Games. $1.99 for the Zeldas and Mario 3s. $1.99 for SNES games, $2.99 for the Super Mario Worlds and LttPs... N64... $2.99 for most, $4.99 for the Hits. It's genius, I tell you. And make it so I can buy it once and play it on every Nintendo console I own. my 3DS, my Wii U, my old Wii. One network ID... and one online store. I buy an App from the iTunes App Store... that app is mine on every iDevice I own. That's how you get me to impulse purchase Nintendo downloads...
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Two words: Augmented Reality.
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It depends what Nintendo's goals are. I hate using the Wii U - it's simply the gatekeeper I must deal with to get to my Mario/Donkey Kong/Zelda games (which I love). They could even make the system much worse, and I'd still deal with it to play those games. However, if their goal is for me to buy games from other publishers or eShop games, then they have to go back to the drawing board, because I'll never opt to use the Wii U when I don't have to. It's such a painful slow experience compared to my tablet/computer/other game consoles.
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They should have just not made it. They could have laid off their entire hardware team and simply cranked out games for Playstation and XBox and casual/companion games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone for their many characters. (Maybe even acquire Sega while they're at it.)
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Nintendo wont ever make games for other consoles until they're is absolutely no other option. Nintendo sells their hardware so low as it is, so it's not like they're burning money on hardware. Their existence is built on providing hardware that suits their software, mainly with exclusives.

Games like Super Mario Galaxy would have just not be as fun on an Xbox or PS3.
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I'd say it'd be just as fun no matter what system its on. More fun on a system with achievements
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And cutscenes, we need more cutscenes....
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rebuild their entire online to be on par- with vita/ps3/360 at least (ie:
trophies, party/voice chat, accounts not nound to hardware)
-add tools/colors to the miiverse drawing app
-allow games to add parts/clothes to the mii system
-make the CPU to be actually more powerful than last gen systems
-add ethernet and TOSlink ports
-support 2 gamepads
-remove territorial lockout
-let 3DS act as an additional gamepad
-ditch the wiimote, as asynchronous multiplayer is stupid
-bring back gamecube backwards compat.
-allow the gamepad to be used as a controller for wii/gamecube games
-make virtual console games, buy once to use on multiple systems (ie: 3DS)
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Oh and release that zapper attachment for the gamepad
Release Silent Scope for it
And make the zapper actually look like a gun like the move sharpshooter
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I wouldn't change anything technically with the Wii U. I would simply drop the price to $199.99 and include a worthy pack in game like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. That would be the the one two punch Nintendo needs to stimulate sales.
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Nintendo should have advertised this as the Wii 2 and made it a powerful console like the PS4. The Wii U does something nice by allowing you to use the previous generation controllers. Demonstrate the tablet but don't make it part of the initial release. Set it off by 6 months and maybe even allow connectivity via a google chrome like device to other tablets to give it that versatile feel of more than a gaming machine. It was a dud from its reveal at E3 where Nintendo didn't even present the console itself but only the tablet.
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Look what these guys have done using Nintendo DS in Classroom. This was already before release WiiU. https:­/­/www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=­-z0WN­-nf8Xs
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- drop the price to the original Wii price £180/$200 - it hurts but you need to sell these things

- bundle all the 'Wii' series games like Nintendo Land, Wii Sports club and Wii Fit in as standard, preinstalled (then sell upgrades to that package, balance boards, DLC etc)

- bundle in a Wii remote. New gamers are scared of the gamepad, but they trust the Wiimote - use it to lure them in

- while we're at it, how about an updated Wii remote with a built-in-mic and the gamepad's TV button

- Ideally, some kind of range extender to allow you to take the Gamepad to every room in the house, even out of the house

- More 3DS integration, like Spotpass, Virtual console games and using the 3ds as a second controller. Take on Sony at their own game.

- A nintendo app that allows you to use your phone as a second controller

- a photo/video channel with youtube integration is sorely, inextricably missing

Reading Iwata's investors conference, I have a feeling a lot of these things are already on the way. The Wii U also desperately needs a new recognisable IP like Brain training or Nintendogs, and Iwata mentioned that Miyamoto's team is currently working on that - so expect to see something at E3 this year?
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Honestly so much should be changed I'd rather help Nintendo with their next system.


x86 processor-64-bit maybe
8GB of ram minimum-10GB would be epic
Gamecube controller with motion plus, and translucent buttons
OG Gamecube colors (i.e.- Indigo, Platinum, Green, Yellow)
Metroid HD, Pokemon MMO, new Nintendo DA with Miracast with support to link to console
Games release ready when announced-no major delays like current state
HDMI only-1.4a or better
Better network infrastructure, no hardware bound network-ids
Region-free (everyone else but N is doing this)
Blu-ray with media support (movies, music)
MKV support (would kill streamers effectively although doubtful)
Same 5 player support like Wii U
Backwards compatible with Wii U pro controllers
Decent price ($400-$450; if $450 include a free game)
PS Plus like free games every month (could be one indie title, and retro games to cut costs)
Better marketing of the system, and high dev support (work with them like Sony did).
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate HD something on launch day (included game bundle will kill retail).

But currently, make Wii U faster, drop TVii from the console and make it used with tablets, smartphones so it would be faster. Surround sound support from all apps, and games.

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Who cares about the processor? I mean, really. Even the game devs don't really care about the exact processor. Or the exact RAM. 8GB of RAM will be laughably small before you know it. The important thing is output. Mario Kart looks good on the Wii U... at 60fps, 1080p. It looks more visually stunning than any of the 360 / PS3 games, and with some of the FPS / Resolution rumors of the XBone / PS4 games, I question if those consoles can handle "NextGen" graphics. (To be fair, I don't own either of those consoles yet...)

Who cares about HDMI 1.4a? I'll pass on the 3D (I'll reconsider when the tech improves, but for now, pass), and 4K content requires a CPU/GPU/Architecture so expensive that there's no way they could get that into the <$450 price range.

As far MKV/BluRay/DVD/CD support, my [Apple TV / Android TV / Google TV / Roku Player / Blu Ray Player / Smart TV / etc.] already can play all of the formats I want it to. I can safely say I have never once used the TVii features on the Wii U. And the Wii U does a poor job of NetFlix... that I would rather pass on any other streaming/media player services, anyway. The 360 and PS3 are both pretty lackluster media centers, too, each in their own way. Since I own neither, no comment on the XBone / PS4.

Metroid HD, Smash Bros. HD, and Pokemon MMO all sound wonderful. I'm sure we'll see both Metroid game and a Pokemon game (Sadly, I doubt an MMO) on the Wii U, and I'm sure both'll be in glorious 1080P/60fps just like Mario Kart. And Smash Bros. is already slated for release this year (it looks gorgeous so far). Which brings me to release dates... I actually agree with Nintendo on their current release date strategy. While the Wii U lacks games, I would much rather play a game that is DONE than one that is rushed out the door. Defects, bugs, crashes, glitches, etc. are terrible things that can tear down a great game and turn it into a flaming pile of ****.

Props to the Region free thing. That's BS.
Dev Support... Expand that Unity love.
Second the marketing. What's the Wii U? An add on? A new game? An upgrade? Oh, a new console entirely? Weird. Just like the 3DS is an upgraded NDS. I had to explain that to my friend before she bought the wrong console for her children one year for Christmas. Which only lead to my frustration.
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1.4a allows Ethernet, better processing for 120-240hz TVs and 4K so its better than just 3D support which Wii U can already do. But yes Wii U is good, but unfortunately msot devs are going x86, so no doubt Nintendo has no choice if they want to battle out PS4 and Xbox One. They are staying committed so don't be surprised when they do go this route. 3DS is selling exceptionally well, so the money they make should cover development for the next system. I have a feeling its already in beginning stages.

True MKV support doesn't matter, just personally I thought it would be cool. But Nintendo still hasn't dropped a different variety of games, just Mario and Pikmin, still no Smashbros yet, nor a new Zelda. I did buy WindWaker HD so It's awesome though. And yes the name scheme must change. Like I said either bring back the gamecube name or go a complete different route than Wii. Honestly Gamecube would excite gamers since most are 18-45 now and have a good memory of it. Lugi's Mansion Wii U would be a game changer too.

I'm not saying get rid of Wii U, but serve it up as a PS3 backburner and start looking forward to the next system; bring in club nintendo to the forefront as a premium service that includes free club nintendo points, those surveys from the original Wii and free games. Many things Nintendo can do, let's just hope it all goes right! I also miss that weather app, and news app; so cool and functional a shame it got shut off, they should bring it back.

P.s. Xbox One and PS4 are still fairly new so their media capabilities haven't been tapped yet, Microsoft still has to unveil their Original Programming; they gave Amazon a head start. Sony also has some sort of Original Programming lined up along with 4K probably the end of next year. Also CD, Mp3, and DLNA support are things we hope arrive sooner than later or never. Things will be more clear when E3 comes.
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I'm enjoying the console myself however heres how I would have done things

1. change the name this is what is holding it back people think the gamepad is for the 1st wii
2. launch with all the big named brands mario 3d world, Zelda U, and metriod should have been launch games
3. after christmas continue through the year with slightly lesser known brands such as Wario land, kirby, and star fox
4. At the end of the 1st year release Mario Kart and a brand new franchise that will make people fall head over heals to get the console
5.make games easier for 3rd party devolopers
6. Don't force the gamepad on 3rd partys however encourage them to use it in innovative ways
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The games that get made for this console are now one step up from those atari game packs you buy at the mall and mobile games. Developers don't want to waste their time making games that look last-gen. Nintendo is afraid of losing, so much so that they made a lesser system, which ironically lost them the console war. Here's what they should've done:

First, and foremost, the name change. Anything would be better than to tack onto the old, severely out-dated Wii. Name it the N1, name it Revoution, name it NHD, name it anything but Wii U. What does the U stand for? Universal? Because developers dropped it like a bad habit.

Make a console nearly as good as the PS4/XB1; good enough to justify a $400 console. Then developers drop the console.

Make the console bigger/different than the Wii to eliminate confusion from those 'new gamers' that bought the original Wii.

Make the touchscreen an optional addin for $100, but it also doubles as a DS (virtually, vertically split screen). Naturally, make card slots in the unit.

Bundle the unit with a classic controller with the required motion controls embedded.

Make it so the cursor never leaves the screen when pointing away from the TV.

Rather than waste time making WW in HD, they should've re-done OoT in HD AND bundled it with a brand new Zelda game.
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First Nintendo should have made the wii HD. But the point of making a new system is to over power everything that is on the market at that time. Not 10% better. The touch screen is ok but it's not going to put games in the system the power of the system is. Mario is so done. Yeah it's easy to make but be original and I don't mean pick an or kirby. Nintendo needs to give it's system the power to hang with the future not the present. How can you care about how loud a systems fan is when your playing a game. Nintendo new system slogan "fail U"
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1. WWWWaaayyyy.... better online experience. Let's face it, online software delivery is where everything is going and Nintendo is miles behind. Online games locked to hardware? No personally identifiable information? What if I want friends to find me? And why give me error message about things I didn't set up? Take me to the offending setting. Don't tell me, show me.

2. Lower the barrier for indie developers. Let's face it, the big guys have their system for writing software and apparently, the Wii U doesn't play well with that. But there are tons of people who would love to get in on some Wii U goodness if only the can jump those hurdles. Yea a million fart apps didn't make Apple all that happy, but a steady stream of indies cooking up something may get people more interested.

3. Lose the tablet console. Off TV play is a godsend when you want your fix but can't use the TV. It's still a gimmick that most people won't understand. Make it a standalone peripheral, jack the price so you can put better guts in it -- it needs it. Give it a better screen, a bigger battery and make sure all games work with it. To entice someone to buy it, give it 3D support via glasses -- it's a single person device after all.

4. You don't need to put 1.21 gigawatts of power in the thing. After all, the Ouya has generated a lot of interest, enough to get Amazon to copy it. But if we accept the premise of #3, Nintendo may have to bump the spec to support 3D gameplay on the tablet.

5. Now, without the tablet how do they differentiate you it? Price is one way. Dropping the tablet should make it even cheaper. A thriving game store is a another way. Maybe positioning it as a pure gaming system instead of a media hub?
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A lot of things they could do now:
-Advertize how WiiU is different than Wii better
-allow for cross-buying between 3DS and WiiU (and all future Nintendo eshop products)
-Utilize the Gamepad in unique and interesting ways such as using the screen for 5-player or full-screen 2-player in Mario Kart

Otherwise, I really love the WiiU, way more than any other console I have hooked up to my TV. I also enjoy the 3DS a lot and wouldn't have really wanted the WiiU Gamepad to be a portable gaming solution as well as it's too big and I prefer to have a portable console that fits into my pocket or bag more easily. Having cross-buy would solve anyone's issue with wanting to take the Gamepad further from the TV as you could use your 3DS then.
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I like the dual screen approach that Nintendo has gone for with the Wii U. I think that it is incredibly innovative and has more potential than consumer and developers realize. However, I think that Nintendo launched the Wii U a little too soon and shouldn't have gone on the cheap side when designing it. The main problem with the Wii U is that the Wii U doesn't include obvious features with its tablet controller that the Wii did with its motion controls.

That said, the crimes of the Wii U aren't all things that could be changed with the system itself. Marketing is something Nintendo needs to do and recently they have been terrible at it. However if there are any changes I'd make to the console itself, it would be to make the tablet more independent or just make a new tablet. I think the system would do a lot better if Nintendo allowed the tablet to leave your home and function. It wouldn't need to do much either. Some basic tablet features, (Wifi, internet browser, music, youtube) mixed with apps off the eShop would make the Wii U a cheaper, more kid friendly tablet that can play (legally mind you) classic Nintendo games and an awesome next gen console.

Also, with more power in the tablet, Wii U games can utilize it in more unique ways. Truly multitask with apps or Miiverse always running while you play. The ability to watch two separate shows on youtube or netflix becomes possible (one on the tablet and one on the main screen). Access the home menu while you or another person plays and not interrupt their play.

Overall, I believe the issues with the Wii U are the tablet as Nintendo said. But not because people don't understand how it functions, but because the obvious features a tablet controller should have aren't there. This is baffling considering this is the same company the brought us the Wii and it did everything the average consumer expected it to and a little more.
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Nintendo should have sold out. If they just stopped making amazing games and started focusing on graphics and online that shit would sell like hot cakes. They also need to quit innovating. Having the best possible control styles and gameplay is unexceptable in todays modern world. We need cutscenes, cutscenes, movies, cutscenes, and moar cutscenes

Lets hear it people!!!! CUTSCENES, CUTSCENES, CUTSCENES, CUTSCENES!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Wii U's big gimmick isn't touch screen gaming as the "article" says. It is 2nd screen gaming or off-tv gaming. The touchscreen is a secondary gimmick to that stuff.

I would have got Minecraft on board. I would have further supported the Lego Undercover game with a multiplayer add-on.

I think the Wii U name is too confusing and I would have had a different name and marketing.

I didn't like the pricepoint for what is mostly a NIntendo-only system. It will eventually come down and given the design not much you do I guess. I would have done better on the controller battery life and also better with the controller range at least for video. I don't see a reason why the controller can't play video from further than 25' away. Video can be buffered unlike games. Same with surfing.

I wouldn't have released the TVii feature. IT's too slow and not a joy to use. IT doesn't work with AVRs nor DVRs. There's no added benefit to using it.

I would advertise new Nintendo products on the main page. Not buried in Nintendo Directs or on the store. And Notifications was and still is terrible. Why are test messages the thing that takes forever to load?

Instead of TVii I would have worked on letting the Wii U stream content from phones and tablets and pcs.

ANd speaking of surfing - keep improving the browser.

That's all I got for now. IF not this then maybe I would have done a cheaper system with no Gamepad and sold the Gamepad as an add-on packed with Nintendoland etc. But they tried that with the Gamecube and the Gamecube had processing power in the same ballpark as the other guys. ....

Otherwise the main downfall of the Wii U besides confusion is Nintendoland was no WiiSports.

The funny thing is they could have made a Wii 2. Packed in WiiSports 2. Made it $250 or $200. And it would have sold better than the Wii U.

That brings me to another thing I'd fix. WiiSports. They got weird version on the Wii U where you to pay to play it per day or something. Very confusing. And the average customer may never come across it.

Overall I think problems with the Wii U will be fixed over time. Over time the games pile up. The price comes down. Nintendo fixes a few things. The consumer gradually learns about the system and Nintendo gradually gets better at telling the consumer about the system. Some want to say it is too late then. But the system was never a 3rd party system from the day it was announced.

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Well for one, the gamepad is almost an IPad knockoff for the sake of routing the next generation which has focused so intently on mobile games. That isn't what a home console is supposed to be. Nobody want's to play air hockey on the Wii U gamepad. My phone has an app for that. The gamepad is too large to serve as a rational controller for gamers and is more fringe than beneficial. Few developers and studios are actually stoked on the idea of incorporating it into their game rather than going with a classic controller.

The name "Wii U" is probably the largest screw-up. The idea was to cash in on it's predecessor's success and it instead became a flop. If I didn't pay attention to gaming news, I would have had no idea that this was even a next gen console. I would have assumed the same thing that everyone else has been thinking: It was an add-on for the Wii. The lack of advertising on proclaiming it was a next gen console also didn't help.

Next is the processing power. The Wii U is far outranked by the PS4 and the Xbox One. Although the idea here for Nintendo has always been to create original and diverse games enjoyed in many different ways, the ideas have been flocking to platforms that can process their designs and power their large memory loads. This will hit on my next point.

Third party Developers. These have become vital for the gaming world in this decade. Third party studios have developed huge hits for the PS4 and Xbox One, but they haven't made much stray into Nintendo's corner. Reading an article about a week ago, I read about a developer who was having insane amounts of trouble just coping with the Wii U's interface as well as incorporating the game to be used through the Gamepad. Rayman Legends was scheduled to be released as a Wii U exclusive, but waited out in order to get onto the PS4 platform as well. Although this was due to the number of sales for the console, this is just an example of the developers' views on the system.

Being a Nintendo fan for decades, this news and these facts don't come easy to me. The business strategy that seems to be apparent is price cutting the consoles, and trying to gain momentum with first party games. If it were up to me, the gamepad itself would have never seen daylight. That alone is a large portion of the production costs. Get rid of that and up the processing power of the system. Make it on par with the competition. Leave a classic controller instead. That should allow gamers to feel like gamers as well as allow the developer world to show interest in making their titles for the system. Lastly, get rid of that name. Wii U is awful. It sounds like an extension box you would put under your Wii to connect your DVR. There are stockholders to consider, and going in this direction does not seem all the likely. However the market will soon be saturated with more powerful games, which very few will be for this console. The Wii U market will increase, but not toward the profits Nintendo delivers.
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Well first off I have to say they should have just called it the Wii HD. That's all it is in actuality. They need to quit leaving out Blu-ray, DVD and CD play back features. They need to really do away with the motion crap. It was a gimmick that has played out. I really didn't like it at all but that's just me. Also that stupid game pad was just a waste of everyone's time and money. I believe that is one thing that cost to much in building this darn thing. I'm a huge Nintendo fan and always will be. I'm tired of the direction and lack of games for this console. The best thing they could do is build some type of accessory/add on similar to what Sega did with their CD attachment that beefs up the speed of the console. Maybe some more processors that attach to the back of the console. Decreasing loading times and possibly making more game producers actually interested in creating games for the console. I've heard it's a nightmare to create a game for this thing. Putting an internal hard drive about 2 terabytes would also make it more appealing. They should go more towards having a camera like Sony did maybe with the motion sensor built into it so that Wii games can stilled be played. No Wii mode just let them run straight through the Wii U. They need to quit making so many Mario games and focus on Zelda and games that aren't just rehashes. I'm tired of a new rehash mario game every few months. We see big Zelda games every 5 years. That's nuts. No one supports this console because they say it's ridiculous to work with the company because they have to deal with language barriers that take months to get small things taken care of instead of just speaking to someone of common language instead of using an interpreter and it taking months because of being on different continents. Sucks that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be on a Nintendo console. That's why I also have a PS4. I've had every Nintendo console since the first NES here in the US. I'm still waiting on Bayonetta 2. Did you guys just forget about that one all together cause it was supposed to be a launch title? I don't want to replay games I've already played unless you revamp them. Do something new. Go recreate the very first LOZ game but make it in HD. Same world seen through new eyes. No side scrolling. Tell the same story but let us see the bosses and other things in current generation quality. Well not Wii U quality but something more along the lines of a true next gen console. This feels like Nintendo just did a step back and added HD and a game pad to the Wii. I pre-ordered the console and got it same day. I've purchased 2 Mario games, Pikmin 3 and Darksiders 2 since this console came out. I had already played DS2 on my PS3. Don't know why I paid for it because I didn't actually play it on here because it was annoying to play. I had to download it because there were no games in any store. OH and I couldn't get all the DLC content that was available. 2 DLC content releases were made for this game but not available on the Wii U. These new consoles are large. Trying to keep it small is where you went wrong. With a little extra size you could have done all these things. You know what works and you keep experimenting on new crap. Stay with tried and true things. Put out good games and make it easier for new people to make games for your console. Quit taking so long to put out a game. I haven't turned on my Wii U in months. It's just collecting dust. I would say the best game for the Wii was Xenoblade Chronicles. The Wii Zelda game had a great story but I hated, I repeat hated the motion controls. So many others did as well. I love the original way to play and you took that away. You are now seeing with this Wii U that the motion control fad is gone. Move on already! Nintendo has been at this longer than Sony and Microsoft so why are you guys making so many mistakes? Quit making stupid mistakes because you will only lose in the end.
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What if Nintendo continued down the touchscreen road and made a dockable tablet, using tech like the AMD Turbo Dock, where a mobile device with an APU (which is now in all 3 major consoles) can then be docked in a device that significantly helps cool and provide more power to the APU, thus allowing it to jump from netbook-like performance while mobile to medium-end laptop-like performance while docked; this is the technology that's being used in the cool indie "TangoPC". What I envision is a 10" or larger "gaming tablet" with a nice decent-density, low-persistence panel being docked to be connected to a TV, and then the Wii U and Wii controllers used like they currently are. While there are new contenders on the horizon like the Nvidia Shield, I don't really think a full "gaming tablet" has really been done yet (the Shield itself being more like the 3DS), thus being a potentially untapped market (one which wouldn't really compete with the 3DS). The main attraction to this design would be to developers: they would have roughly the same hardware docked and undocked, a relatively consistent user experience by streaming a version of the touch interface to the Wii U Gamepad when docked, and even further improved cross-platform user experience with the 3DS.

An alternative or extended version of the dockable Wii idea would be to make the core components themselves be a modular unit that one can dock into a tablet or another larger mobile device, thus allowing the tablet experience optional, saving production costs and allowing it to be potentially docked into something else (maybe a VR station? The Wiimote is already a staple of this area).

All of this is possible because Nintendo's games and experience do not require a high-end graphics processor, nor should Nintendo really compete in that area.
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It’s no doubt that Big N's new console isn't doing good. As an early adopter of the system I could see its flaws right off. There are 10 things Nintendo can do to right the ship and make the wii u and the next console a powerhouse platform.

1. Leverage I.P.'s. Ok we get it, we will not be getting Battlefield 4 and frostbite 4 games, but as a power gamer, I own most all consoles on the market, and a gaming pc. With that being said, I can play games like that on other platforms. Nintendo have tons of games is remember from my youth that can be remade, rebooted this will draw back a good portion of the adult market. I would drop down cash to play a new Urban Champion, a new Kid Icarus, hell or even a new Gyro mite. When you own as many IP as Nintendo does it’s a shame just to get the same games in Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong.

2. Purchase "Onlive" cloud gaming service, or at least partner with them. Let’s be real, third parties are not going to develop for the Wii U. Why you ask, I will tell you why, you will get to play games like Dirt 3, AC Brotherhood, Warhammer 40,000, Saints Row, Bioshock, and Witcher II. Ok is get it, its pc gaming, but so Steam. This will correct the need for third parties, but it will also introduce Nintendo casual audience to PC gaming. Not a bad idea if at some point Nintendo enters into the pc marker with a gaming tablet.

3. Get Steam on Wii U. The Wii U could run some streaming only steam games and some MMO. Program the tablet to be a virtual keyboard and mouse plus the pad has a camera. It’s as an easy fix to helping to address the third party problem.

4. Ouya everywhere app for Wii U. Look the Ouya has a lot of games, and a lot of bad game, but games are game. The Wii U could benefit from this as well as Ouya. If the Ouya is discontinued then you have a base of loyal ouya users who could migrate to the U platform to play their beloved games.

5. A expanded virtual console service. Virtual console is good, but it can be better. Nintendo needs to allow you to continue to purchase games, but it needs to release its complete gaming catalog as streaming games with a monthly fee. Though similar to Playstation Now, but more diverse. The tablet is great for emulating keyboards and mice’s so why not release the whole catalog for Amiga, c64, TI, Speccy, MSX, X68000, all Sega consoles, Atari, all Nintendo, Vectrex, pretty much every retro console out there. Make the system a retro haven. I mean hell a lot of indie games are coming out for the system, but most of them are retro type games anyway, why not let me play the real thing. I would play 100.00 a year for that.

6. More video apps. I want to be able to use the same type of apps is use on my Microsoft consoles. Nintendo needs Red box, HBO go and the likes and you ask why??? Because every other console does it and it has become the norm.

7. Zelda, Metroid, and Mario Galaxy III. Just confirming that these games are in the pipeline would boost sales. A new massive HD Zelda and Metroid games would boost sales plus let’s put the best looking Mario game on the console. This would be a holy trinity that you will not get to play anywhere else.

8. Fund the creation of more second party and third party games. Imagine if they licensed the Shenmue games and if they funded Shenmue 3? What about a new Wing Commander game? This will put Nintendo in a great light, plus give big n some much need exclusives. I tell you now, is would pay 200.00 for a copy of Shenmue 3 if it was coming.

9. Nintendo gaming pc tablet, and the Nphone. It’s time for Nintendo to get on the bus. Console gaming isn’t going to be around forever, so let’s start the transition now. Recent states of a QOL console smells of the Virtual Boy. Why not create a close cellphone platform what use your games, your apps, and your three streaming services that I mentioned earlier as well as a high end, moderate priced gaming tablet that run Windows 8.1. I know Nintendo don’t want to doom its popular 3ds but this move wouldn’t. I will be a different Nintendo experience, and both moves would penetrate in both mobile and pc gaming. If Nintendo would offer just five exclusive pc based Nintendo games for the tablet only would boost not only sales, but exposure. The Razor Edge is awesome; I’m thinking something along the lines that uses Wii U pro controllers or a controller caddy.

10. Last but not least, allow the Wii U to play all video formats from Hard Drive, as well as audio formats. Give us a nice fancy front end like xbmc and I’m sold.
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First of all I would ditch the main console base and build everything into the controller the base would be used as a wireless charger and as a digital stream service that would allow me to swap and play games on the big screen rather than on the little one, if for some reason I had to leave the disk reader on the base I'd allot the device to copy the information to the pad's internal storage for play even if I would have to put in some anti piracy thing to keep it from being a free game/movie/music handout to a friend. Second, I would integrate more of the features the competition already has, movie and music playback as well as integrated online libraries so people are not buying the same game two hundred different times. Third, I wouldn't call it an 8th gen console unless the technology inside of it truly is 8th gen, the Wii U is clearly a 7th gen console in terms of hardware and functionality it was designed to compete with the 360 and the PS3 not the PS4 and the Xbone. Fourth I would have gone with a capacitive touch screen rather than a resistive touch screen, not only are they better looking but they last allot longer. Fifth, I'd kick ALL of the shovelware developers and games off the system, sure a large library sounds attractive, until you realize it's full of thousands of copies and knock-offs of games already on the shelf that nobody wants to buy or play and will be sitting in the Under $5 bin still in it's original wrapper when the retailer gets tired of it sitting on their shelves and the few people that do buy it do so grudgingly out of frustration for not having another game to play. Sixth, I'd stop releasing the same game from my own product line over and over again I mean seriously how many times do we have to rescue the damn princess who just so happens to be in another castle?
There's a few more things I'd do but as it stands Nintendo's only hope is to become a 3rd party developer for home consoles and stick with handhelds.
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Love my Wii U. The tablet controller is great in every way. Just wish that it was more integral to the game play. If I could change one thing about the Wii U's debut, it would've been for Nintendo to have put out a blockbuster lineup of games when the console launched. It would have gotten more attention and people would've taken more interest. As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo is not in competition with the other two consoles (most people I know have more than one console anyway). They do their own thing, playing up the charm, nostalgia, and innovation.
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@Tgd is right not much wrong with the Wii U just a little slow! :)
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Well, I think it's a little late in the game to make any hardware change to compete with the bigger systems, but maybe they should reposition the system as a "classic gamer system". I think if they made these 4 REASONABLE changes they would breath some life into it.

1. Include a humongous Nintendo Library of games. All of the Nintendo branded Virtual Console games should be included with the purchase. If you pay for a Wii U, you are also paying for unlimited access to Nintendo branded games on the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo DS. Heck, even Virtual Boy. This way you can play that game you were always curious about or show the game you grew up on to the new generation without being nickeled and dimed every time you want a new classic game.

2. Drop the cost to $199.99. This is basically what they are selling for on Ebay, and people don't want to pay above $200 for a Nintendo. Ever. Every Nintendo that came out was around that price at at launch, and people expect that cost.

3. Stop with the 8GB/32GB 2 version junk, and just give everyone 32GB. A 32GB SD goes for around $20. Is $20 really worth making people not want to buy your product because it doesn't have enough memory?

4. Include a WiiMote. I think one of the biggest barriers to entry is that you need to purchase 100% of your controllers this time. Include one. It's not like they are new, they've been around since 2006.
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#1 - FREE virtual console titles

If you buy a wii u or if already have one = automatic FREE library of 10 classic titles in the virtual console (super mario obviously, link to the past, etc.) Kind of like the ambassador program for the 3DS. Nintendo shouldn't nickel-and-dime these titles as they've already made a profit on them. People just download these ROMs onto their phones or PCs anyways.. Don't stop selling virtual console titles, just make the purchase seem like a good deal. Kind of kidding -- but certain titles like super mario should be standard on all their hardware from now on. Turn it on, it's there.

A parent sees a Wii U with 10 free older titles vs next-gen $500+ consoles with no games.

#2 - Android

Just add Android already. Give it a mario hat. The default browser sucks. I've tried using the default browser a more than a few times and it sucks. Use Android or Chrome even - don't re-invent a not so good wheel. Separate it from the core OS somehow. Make it so Android can be updated. Also, don't pay M$ anything and make fun of Apple somehow while your at it.

#3 - AR

I know the Wii U controller doesn't have front cameras, but what happened to the 3DS AR games?? I want to see AR-Super Smash Bros! on my living room floor! And AR Lego games on kids floors! AR-Pokemon!

#4 - Golden tickets to Nintendo HQ to meet Shiggy

Envision Oompa-loompas singing in Japanese! Worked for Willy Wonka.
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I actually think the Wii U is a solid idea, but when reviews came out, it was clear where it could have been better. On the whole, the Nintendo story has been pretty sad of late, and while many suggest a move to iOS, it makes no sense from Nintendo's perspective, rather, I think they should release a Virtual Console app, and make coin through in-app purchases that way. If anything they should try and strike a deal with Apple, because sales will be astronomical.

In regards to Wii U, I think they can improve by pushing it further, and integrating the 3DS into a unified ecosystem. With that, they should capitilise on some previous branding, the Plus *+* they used for Wii Motion Controller. I think they should act quick and release a Wii U 2, ala, the Wii U+. It improves where the WIi U failed, but doesn't alienate current owners.

My list:

Release a new console: Wii U+ (better performance).

Stream to 2 Wii U Gamepads now possible.

Wii U+ is 3D. Follow the 3DS lead and take on 3D gaming for the living room.

All U+ games 3D compatible with TV's.

Gamepad is still 2d.

Integrate 3DS into the family and release 3DS+.

3DS does 3D streaming from Wii u+.

Original Gamepad is compatible with WiiU+, as are Wii, and Wii U games.

WiiU+ Gamepad now higher res.

WiiU+ has a port for 3DS games. Button press to switch between DS screens (no 3d)

Big one: Nintendo still have major IP lacking from Wii U. Wii U+ must launch with Metroid+, Zelda HD 3D+, f-Zero+.

Keep old Wii U for a second room.
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No deal with Apple - don't split profits with a competitor.

If anything, fork Android (like Amazon), or even put Android on the Wii U. And kick Apple in the ****!
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Nintendo shall focus on bringing a new wave of Zelda, Metroid, Mario and the likes to Wii U. Developing new, exclusive, IP is also essential to ensure long term success. I assure U the vast majority of people doesn't understand sheer console power or hyperbolic networked features: people want reasonably priced consoles and kick ass games!

Go Nintendo!

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Here's my opinion as somebody who plays the Wii U alongside his PC and is pleased with the way its been performing, but would appreciate the following improvements. But before I list what I want to change, here's what I think they did RIGHT:

1. Full compatibility with the previous generation. Not just games, but also controllers, most peripherals and even your old AV Cord (VERY helpful if you have a standard definition television like I did through the first 10 months of owning it) as well as going as far as IMPORTING YOUR SAVES AND DOWNLOADS (or at least the information that linked that data to your old console if you couldn't fit it all on the Wii's tiny, tiny flash memory).

2. A focus on games rather than being a media center. Yes, Wii U does have some media functionality, but it is trying to supplement to your existing media center (Nintendo TVii), rather than replace it. Still a strong local multiplayer focus, going as far as adding a 5th player and giving them something totally different to do than the other players.

3. HEAVY Discounts (Roughly 80%) for Virtual Console games you already purchased that you want to be able to use the Gamepad to play on (You can VIEW it on the Gamepad as of September 2013, just not control it unless you get the Wii U version) and make screenshot-enabled Miiverse posts to (plus the additional save state besides the one it takes when you just turn off the game). And if you DON'T want that functionality, then don't buy the upgraded version and keep playing the version you already have, its been transferred into your console, after all.

4. Able to use 3rd Party External HDD Storage

5. Refocusing on Asynchronous Gaming, like what they did with the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance connectivity. Asynchronous Gaming meaning that two players are playing two different control styles, but playing the same game. That is why they pushed the Gamepad, to enable this type of gameplay rather than needing to purchase an extra peripheral to enable it.

6. No, you can't take it more than 30 feet away from the console for this (the disadvantage of a wireless speed that allows for very low-latency, high-def video with no buffering is a very short range), but I LOVE Off-TV Play and that this console is one that doesn't necessarily NEED a TV to be played thanks to that feature.

COMMON MISCONCEPTION: While this may seem on the surface to be like a console version of a DS, the form factor of having two screens within your field of view and having two screens independent of each other is actually quite different. Zombie U and Game & Wario both show how having the two screens having action going on at the same time can help elevate your stress in gaming genres where that type of response is PREFERABLE (Survival Horror). Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Assassin's Creed 3 show how the use of this second screen doesn't NEED to be special... Just put the screens you'd normally have in your start menu in it. Both run just fine with the Pro Controller alone.

Just to make it clear: I do not think that improved graphics has anything to do with how fun a game is. You can make a fun game with less graphics capability, and games are already a pain to develop at the 360 and PS3 level. The problem with the Wii U is that it IS a lot of effort to port those games over because of the peripheral and the architecture. However, the architecture IS similar to the XBox 360's, and developers are still porting over their next-gen titles to that... Just throwing that out there.

To address the peripheral, you don't need to do anything fancy with the Gamepad. There's been games that Nintendo itself put out that didn't use the Gamepad for anything more than menu screens. Heck, Rayman Legends, a game touted specifically for its clever use of the Touchscreen... When you're not using it? Doesn't display a darn thing but some bubbles. I think occasionally a recovery heart will appear there. That's it. Nobody is forcing the developers to use this aspect of the Gamepad, and if it meant that we could see more quality 3rd party games, I'd welcome them to give it only a passing glance. If a console has a feature you don't see the need to use, then don't. Nobody is telling you to. It is there for developers who want to use it.

Now that that's clear, here's what I *am* dissatisfied with when it comes to the console.

1. Increase connectivity between 3DS and Wii U through Nintendo ID. We're already starting to see this with a shared account balance between the two, so they obviously know that this is something people want and are taking steps. But any change Nintendo makes in this department has always been slow and trundling. Shared eShop purchases, maybe (or at least discount a title already purchased in the other market, like you do with Virtual Console titles purchased already from your transferred Wii information)

2. Increase connectivity between 3DS and Wii U through local wireless. The ability to use a 3DS as a controller would be appreciated, as well as increased cross-platform multiplayer attempts (in genres where this would make sense, of course.)

3. Link game purchases to your Nintendo ID, not your console. This is something that has been talked about before, but, as discussed in my first negative talking point, any changes made in this department seem to be done slowly and gradually and steps are being taken and the problem has been acknowledged.

4. Make video chat one of the applications that can be done without turning off the game. This is something that was promised during the initial presentations. The way this works now... I have not yet talked to a Wii U user that uses the Video Chat feature. This is one of my BIGGEST gripes and one that I'm doubting will be addressed. Its a shame this functionality seems to be left to the wayside.

5. I appreciate that Nintendo made online notifications in a way that they wouldn't interrupt your game, I really do. But I wish they'd implemented on-screen notifications and then made the flashing home button something that could be selected as an option, either to supplement on-screen notification or to substitute it by choice.

6. While we're at it, implement a way to join a player currently playing in an online game. Just doing the previous item would go a long way towards being able to join friends in their games by being able to see a game invite notification, and this would make the process even easier.

That's about it. 12 talking points, 6 per, is fair enough. I could say more, but then I'd just be nitpicking.
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The specs are ridiculously lacking, it really lacks the next-gen feel, more like a watered down 360. But thats water under the bridge. Things Nintendo can change:

-Ditch the gamepad, no one wants it so stop trying to push it as the best part of the console
-Stop courting Disney, you are reinforcing the stereotype that the Wii U is for little children.
-Rename it, or it will forever be considered a Wii add-on
-Go back to Gamecube-era controller based gaming. People are sick of motion controls, they want to play the game
-Stop being stubborn, cater to gamers suggestions. Its Nintendos "great ideas" that sunk the console in the first place.
-Reveal a new blockbuster game and deliver (Open World Pokemon RPG Anyone?)
-Try a new franchise and see where it goes

But most importantly:
Go 3rd Party. The Wii U's dead. Dual-release titles for a few years before letting it die. PS4, Xbox One, heck, even Mobile, all have past Nintendo fan bases. Bring Mario to the Xbox in all its glory and watch the cash flow in. Nintendo makes the best games, so capitalize on that fact. Real next-gen technology will astronomically improve gameplay (Think Skyrim, but its a Legend of Zelda game instead). Regardless, Dr. Luigi could have been so great on an iPhone, maybe even rivaling candy crush.
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first of all, they should have waited a while to release it. a lot of what they did to the Wii U, they should have just applied to the existing Wii. like solidifying a better online presence before releasing a new console with the same crappy online presence and capability.
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