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February 7th 2014 8:17 am

How would you change Sony’s Xperia T?

Much as we love Sony, it’s an open secret that the company has somewhat lost its way. For example, when we reviewed the Xperia T, Sony’s late-2012 flagship, we found that it really wasn’t any better than the Xperia S, it’s predecessor. In fact, when placed side-by-side, we struggled to work out which one best. What we want to discuss this week, therefore, is what were your impressions of the Xperia T, and more generally, where did Sony go wrong?

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Start with the design first then software. The design is 3 year ago design. It’s sleek but every phone or device Sony makes other than computers is black. They need to add more screen and less border between the device and the screen. At the bottom you see XPERIA, cut that down a little it’s too thick. With this phone there is a XPERIA logo on the front and back. People know Apple based on its logo, people know Android based on the mascot. Allow the logo to identify the company. To put all these Sony markings on the front and back takes away from people having their own identity with the device. That really cool round Sony logo thing on the back should be moved to the front at the bottom to be made a home button. Put in very small text on the back at the bottom Sony Xperia T. The black shinny border should be a brushed metal look with a dark grey, white, brown and black body. There is just no wow with the device or any of their devices. That stupid round power button thing they are doing is not appealing. If you want to make a camera make a camera. If you want to make a phone make a phone with a great camera built in. You can’t do both unless you actually make a camera like Samsung and give it a radio and software to also be used as a phone.
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I own both xperia T and xperia S, the speed and fluidity difference between them is night and day with the T being the winner.
I tried so many different roms for the S but to no avail, the T never stuttered or had a UI lag compared to the S' stutter despite the T being on stock rom.
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The only thing stopping me from switching to Sony devices from Samsung is that samsung clearly has the winning Super Amoled 1080P displays. Going backwards to LCD technology feels a bit degrading. I would love me a waterproof Sony Xperia with an Amoled display and unlocked bootloader.
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Mostly design. For example in front the Xperia and Sony logos are taking away precious screen space. I would just loose them all together, there is plenty of room to display them in the back of the device.
Change the capacitive buttons. Either move them to the bottom more,or give the option to make them hide ( again we are loosing screen space here). Third option would be to make something similar to Samsung with the home button being physical ( maybe even the round Sony logo from the back) and the other two capacitive. Than we have the border all around the phone what could be thinner. Wouldn't hurt to add a little color even to be able to swap back cover. That brings us to an other thing : unless the device is waterproof I don't see why aren't we able to remove back cover to access battery for example.
I have been using the phone since 2012 December and didn't find anything wrong with the software really.
Agree with the voice range tho. A couple of the similar devices would be enough. Like a flagship and a dumber version. Or large and smaller screen etc. But if choices gonna stay so limited and similar I'm debating weather or not to stick to the brand when the time comes to change my phone.
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