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August 18th 2011 3:40 pm

HP Kills WebOS!

A few months ago Peter presented several scenarios regarding the future of WebOS. Among them was killing the platform, which I strongly believed would happen, though I wasn't expecting it this soon:


What are your thoughts on these news?

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From what I read, they are only killing the hardware business. The only way webOS would succeed is to license it. HP/Palm kept making the same phones. Vertical sliders. There is not a lot of demand for that. People want slab phones (iPhone, most android phones) or landscape sliders (the rest of the android phones).

I don't think webOS is dead but the Pre-line and tablets are gone. Surely, HTC might be interested since Google has Motorola in it's hip pocket. Samsung has Bada. LG has... well, nothing but Android and WP7. Maybe LG would take a stab at licensing webOS. Such a great OS but shoddy hardware. I say this as a former Sprint Pre user.
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As a fellow former Palm Pre owner, I totally agree. Great OS...hardware, not so much.
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I am sure glad I held off on that new HP tablet. Right now I am casting a wistful eye on my old Pre- (Sprint) with fond memories. Oh well, now I have an HTC EVO 4G. I wonder what kind of phone Mark Hurd uses?

HP will not likely make inroads into either the automobile or the appliance business as all the manufacturers are already lined up with software providers. Good luck making inroads into services markets dominated by the likes of IBM, Siemens and others.

One final comment. I noticed the phone, tablet and computer lines were all specifically mentioned but no specific mention of the printer line. Perhaps printers are included in computers? In any event, it's a sad day.
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