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June 22nd 2010 2:03 pm

HP PC + Windows 7 + Xbox 360 Arcade: More Great Offers!

As promised last month, flagging a few great offers that many of you will likely want to check out, especially students. Microsoft has been working with retail and PC manufacturer partners to offer great deals on a variety of Windows 7 PCs. Sometimes it's hard to choose the best technology right for you when there is a myriad of choices AND still afford that little something extra (like an Xbox 360 Arcade!). Microsoft and its partners are trying to help make the decisions a little easier for you.

New Offers:
For students (or anyone in the US) in the market for a new PC, the Microsoft online Store is offering an HP Pavilion DM4 with Windows 7 Home Premium and an Xbox 360 Arcade for less than the price of the PC alone (a savings of $200)!
This offer is available for a limited time only, to purchase: store.microsoft.com­/studentXbox­?WT.mc­_id­=winonline....

Students not in the market for a new PC, but who want to upgrade to Windows 7, should check out the Windows 7 Professional upgrade offer for the low price of $29.99 (the lowest price available on any Windows 7 upgrade). The offer is available in Australia, Canada, France, Korea, Mexico, the UK, and the US and to qualify, students need a valid college or university email address (in the U.S. that’s a .edu address) and a PC with genuine Windows Vista or Windows XP that can run Windows 7.
This offer is available through September 6th, to purchase: www.microsoft.com­/student­/office­/en­-us­/default.asp...

More details of both offers are on the Windows Experience Blog: windowsteamblog.com­/windows­/b­/windowsexperience­/ar...
Deep dive review the HP DM4 (also available through the MS online Store offer):

These offers are just one way the Microsoft Windows team is listening and responding by providing extra value to you. Microsoft is working to provide the technology consumers want, the way you want it for home, work, play and all the places in between.

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