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November 25th 2013 2:04 pm

HP Spectre 13t-3000

Has anyone purchased or heard of this ultrabook by HP? The specs and price are amazing but there is little to no reviews or articles about it. The little reviews I've read have said good things about it which makes me wonder why it hasn't received more traction in the media.

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i am wondering exactly the same. i might as well buy it and test it myself. there is a good black friday deal on it, seems like.
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Yeah, it's weird. This HP seems like a really good competitor in the ultrabook market with its low price, great specs, aluminum construction, etc. I ordered one and upgraded to 8GB RAM and the 802.11 AC WLAN. Got $120 off with a coupon code, putting the final price just under $1000. I can't wait until it gets here.
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what code did you use? I tried the PC799BF with no luck...
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I think it was PC1723. It was all over Google last week. Some said it expired Nov 27 and others said Nov 30.
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Have you got it in yet? I'm curious about the laptop also. Looks like a great deal especially when using "PC999CM" at checkout took $300 off for me. Fully upgraded system came out to $1,203 after the coupon code. I just don't know of any reviews for the screen or the keyboard...
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I would like to help others that are looking at this laptop to a thread I found that has a lot of buyers discussing the merits of the system.

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I do own this and, as you will see by going to the thread on notebookreview.com linked elsewhere here, lots of people have purchased it and have found it to be:

1. Pretty much as good as the best of the best Ultrabooks/MBAs out there
2. Better screen than MBA. equal to the QHD Samsung 9, Yoga 2, etc,
3. Amazingly solid build. Every bit the equal of MBA or Samsung 9, better keyboard than latter, equal to former.
4. With 20% discount coupons HP was having on/off (day to day) throughout November - February you can buy this with 8GB/256GB/QHD Touchscreen/Intel 7260AC wifi for about $1,100
5. The only con with this model is a less than wonderful backlit keyboard. it works fine when it's very dark, but only then. When not very dark you really don't need to have the backlight on but common practice might have you turn on the keyboard light sooner than this one's ready and able to perform. Pretty easy adjustment, but you need to know.
Without any coupons or discount, this is still a lovely and competitive product, but perhaps more a question of "gimmics" you want, ie, yoga/xps 12 tablet conversion.
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