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June 9th 2011 10:33 am

HP TouchPad will be available on July 1st starting at $499 for the 16GB version. Does it have a chance in the tablet market?

HP/Palm just posted up on their blog that the TouchPad is coming out on July 1st in the US and UK, Ireland, France and Germany a few days later. You can pre-order on June 19th. Pricing will be $499 for the 16GB version and $599 for the 32GB version.

So with this new information, do you think the Touchpad has a chance in the market?

I was really hoping that they would undercut the iPad. Spec wise, the Touchpad and iPad are pretty evenly matched, but the TouchPad still doesn't have the apps, mindshare, and OS maturity that Apple has to offer. I also think it's a problem that there are Android tablets out there that are priced sub-$500. I think HP better have an awesome marketing campaign and get the Touchpad in the hands of consumers so they can experience what WebOS has to offer over all the other tablet OSes. Everyone knows that iOS provides a solid experience, not much can be said about the real life performance of WebOS on the tablet.

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I think it has a chance. But I'd have to agree that the price is too high. It really needs to be cheaper than the iPad. However, if retailers are able to discount it by $50 (or more) out of the gate it would be a lot more enticing.
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I think it really depends on people getting hands-on time with it in stores. I think it will have a hard time gaining traction for online purchases because it may get lost in a sea of Android tablets and people may think that it is just another one instead of its own unique WebOS niche.
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Not with this price.
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I haven't gotten my hands on the TouchPad, but from what I've seen it looks like WebOS really thrives in a tablet form factor. I think at the $500 price range it won't get much traction, but hopefully HP keeps at it. Clearly the iPad is a phone OS on a tablet, and Honeycomb really isn't fully baked yet, so I think the fact that the TouchPad might offer an actual tablet experience might help it build up steam.
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I don't see how it can survive... A tablet by its very nature needs a support pipeline of apps ie Android aps or iTunes iOS apps does HP have an app store in place for HP tablet owners to purchase apps? if not I dont see how this will gain much market share especially with a price point so high $299 to $399 for a wiFi HP tablet mebbe and only if they have plenty of apps for consumers
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if you want your mobile os to succeed now, you need awesome apps and untill now ios has it all which is really showing that the idea of developing web apps and living on the web is still far from happening, I mean webos is build on html and javascript which is in my opinion the worst idea ever, I mean look at the native apps on ios or something like garageband and imovie, this is something that is impossible on webos or even android as they only give native access to 3d games, android or webos can get dual or quad cores as they want but will remain slow and sluggish unlike ios which can run on one core and be screaming fast!!
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Everyone seems to focus on apps more than anything else and price comes in second place. If you had an iPad, apps will be the most important factor for you because this is how that ecosystem works which is then augmented with a browser. As for webOS, the web is the center of the users' experience while apps are there for those who need them. The kind of services that webOS provides out-of-the-box are not the same as iOS and it doesn't make sense to always count apps as a reason to buy a tablet or phone. I know that I will buy the TouchPad as soon as it is available with my focus on web browsing and reading PDFs. Apps will become available as happens on every platform. Even Windows Phone 7 has more than 20'000 apps and it hasn't been released that long ago.

The reason developers adopt new platforms quickly is because there is money to be made in a market that has nearly no competition. I myself am interested in developing for these new non-iOS platforms because iOS is saturated to the point developers usually complain that if their app isn't listed as one of the newest or most downloaded then it is invisible to the greater audience.

As for the question of having a chance, well, if Android can make it into the hands of non-techies then webOS has an even greater chance. It is nicer and easier to work with and doesn't have any rough edges. Even Windows 7 with it's Start menu and overlapping windows sold some tablets. All HP has to do is introduce a properly working device for the regular user and then developers will follow. I know I will.
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The idea of you don't need apps for your mobile os to succeed is just irrelevant as we live now in an ios and android world where your phone can do unlimited things with 3rd party apps and the fact that no one needs em made palm broke cz they didn't have any developer traction thus consumer traction also, that's what's making rim and nokia in their really tough situation of not having anything to compete with.

while too much apps can be a nightmare that doesn't mean that the success of ios is absurd and people don't want apps and just be on the web these are all ideas of the past that even microsoft learned about and demolished their entire platform to make wp7 suitable for modern interfaces and apps.

As for webos, it's not in good hands cz each time leo mentions printers and scale that's just pride and arrogance and nothing of that is true in the mobile market, hp is 0% in the mobile market as is webos and they just need to attack market problems head-on and make multiple devices available now not just one phone that doesn't get a release date and one tablet that's the same price of the ipad and the veer is just a pixi fail after fail, so if they had the touchpad for 399$ I would definetly buy it over the transformer, webos can't be the expensive high end platform, ios is already that
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