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April 30th 2012 3:05 am

HTC One S (T-Mobile) vs GSM Galaxy Nexus

I'm currently sporting an HTC Sensation 4G and eligible for an update. This brings me to the question of whether to get the htc one s or the galaxy nexus. All the reviews I've read have made it clear both are cream of the crop Android devices. I would appreciate any feedback on this topic. Here are a few things to consider:
-I love the pure google experience that a nexus product will bring since i owned the htc nexus one and enjoyed all it brought.
-The price of the galaxy isnt so much an large issue but a smaller one.
-Not necessarily looking to leave tmobile at the moment
-Enjoy taking pics on my phone so and hear the One S has a much better camera than the Galaxy Nexus
-Timely OS updates, HTC has been lagging with updating their phones
-Build quality of the devices

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Personally I'd go with the Galaxy Nexus for the pure Google aspect...I'm contemplating myself whether or not I should throw the money down on an unlocked GN because it doesn't look like T-Mobile is gonna pick up the GN anytime soon...
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The HTC One S has better raw specs but i think im leaning towards the galaxy nexus. Therefore, i can save my upgrade for something else down the road. I think me missing my nexus one, kinda sealed this one. I'll need to head to the mall to get a hands on with these devices to see if the build quality of the galaxy is up to par.
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The One S' processor is newer (better) than the one in the galaxy nexus.
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