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March 30th 2013 6:31 pm

HTC shoots selves in foot. AT&T exclusivity for US customers involved.

HTC has made a TERRIBLE decision and signed an exclusivity deal with AT&T to offer the 64 GB to their customers only. This seriously ticks me off. As a Sprint customer with little access to a solid internet/wi-fi signal in my big corporate building, I needed the 64 GB for the work week.


Does this change your purchase intent? What other options do you have on your carrier?

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An AT&T promotional video is not something I would consider a credible news source. I think carriers can throw around the term "exclusive" pretty loosely, especially in this context.

In any case, I'm on Sprint and was going to get the 32 gig anyway. I just hope they have the black version.
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Well, at least HTC is already doing a much better job than last year at that regard:
One X - AT&T
One X+ - AT&T
EVO 4G LTE - Sprint
One S - T-Mobile
DROID DNA - Verizon Wireless
One V - Cricket, Virgin Mobile...
One VX - AT&T
One SV - Cricket
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I hate this concept of carrier exclusivity in the States. Why can't every carrier have the same stuff? It screws both the customers and the OEMs. :-/
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Because if AT&T has the amazing phone someone wants, it is likely that they will get some new customers and people to switch away from other carriers for it.

This really isn't nothing new. I picked my carrier in 2005 because of phone exclusivity and haven't looked back :P
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An exclusive color is one thing. It differentiates the company's products from one another. However, an exclusive storage capacity that limits the capabilities of the device that already prevents removable storage options. That is what's bass ackwards with the phone industry in the US. Can you blame AT&T for wanting the exclusive? No, not at all.

Can you blame a company for preventing customers with limited options being prevented from getting that specific phone build? Absolutely. And for a company like HTC who is painted by the media as a "has been", trying to regain any market share they had, they could use any good will possible to restore the company image.
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