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April 4th 2014 5:37 pm

I am currently contemplating the Surface 2, with 'Type' cover 2. What are your thoughts?

Hola. Don't normally do forums, but the Surface 2 has been subject of many Interesting discussions, including my own!

I am well aware of the all the online fighting and debacle between those loyal to a variety of brands, including ones that I own or have owned. However, the online debates as to the pro's and con's of the Microsoft Surface, particularly the Surface 2 does not help in the decision making process, when doing the research on its purchase, especially when not wanting to waste money. I have always liked the concept of the Surface, as it appears to meet my needs. However, despite this I am unsure about the purchase due to the issues raised surrounding this recent microsoft product, and its lack of popularity with many, including those who purchased. I would, like many, want the 'hardware' for the basic Surface 2, to be able to run a full Windows operating system, as close to the one I use on my desktop, but appreciate this is not possible and yes, there is the pro, but this is way too expensive, alternatives not so keen on.

So, that's my 'Surface 2' dilemma, and have given it a great deal of Consideration.However, I like the surface but, given it's history and the changing sales directions of Microsoft, not to mention the competition, and recent events. Should I buy a Surface 2 or is it a bad move? Is the Surface 2 product and technology about to disappear? Particularly the RT platform! Who knows?

Honest objective answers appreciated, and would greatly value your opinions. I am keen, but very cautious over purchasing the Surface 2. Thanks for reading folks, enjoy your day wherever you are.

Regards & Best Wishes, J. :-D

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To follow up: consider getting a tablet based on Intel's Bay Trail processors (Atom Z3xxx). Maybe the Dell Venue 11 Pro, for example. You'd get support for traditional Windows apps without having to go into Surface Pro 2 territory.
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i Bought and tried the Surface 2 and ended up returning it and buying the Pro 2. It just gave me more applications and flexibility than the Surface 2 did. Now, if you find that all of the apps you use are in the app store or have comparable alternatives the Surface may work great for you.

Have you looked at getting a Surface Pro (the 1st gen)? with the update to windows 8.1 it made the product much better and you can still find them new on the web.

I don't think its about to disappear. I hope that we see a refresh later this year but i think MS is going to give it at least another 2 years before giving up on the device.

As for the Type Cover, I have this with my Pro 2 and love to type on it i hate the track pad though. i think it to small and have a hard time using the buttons. i find myself using the pen or touching the screen instead of using the track pad.
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Thanks falleninsea, I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post.

I agree that the surface Pro particularly the Pro 2 is the much better option. Unfortunately, the price point of both, at this time in the UK, is more than I wish to spend, particularly as I want a new one, with extras to purchase. I would love the flexibility of the Pro 2, but assuming there are no reliability problems or other major issues with the Surface 2, it looks like I may purchase this model.

I have no requirement for access to a large selection of apps, so fortunately, its not a consideration when buying. Therefore, as you say, this makes the Surface 2 an option, with a Type Cover 2 and I will bypass the trackpad issue with my external mouse.

I will wait a few weeks and consider my options before deciding to make a purchase. Once again thanks for your reply, it has been most helpful,

Regards & Best Wishes,
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Hi Fallenisea,
Just to let you know that, I am giving consideration to your other suggested option of the Surface Pro(1st gen). The reason is, there is currently a student bundle offer on this for £399.90. The package is a 64gb Tablet, Touch cover and office 365. So, as I have several portable keyboards and mice to supplement the unit when working, I am giving this some serious thought. Once again thanks for your help,

Best Wishes,
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Hi Falleninsea,
Just to let you know that, I opted for the Surface Pro (1st Gen) at an excellent price point with extras, and great support from MS UK. Only had it a few weeks, but it does everything I need but with greater flexibility. Thanks for your input.

Best Wishes,
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