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April 21st 2010 10:16 am

I bet that now that we have seen it, they are gonna completely change the design lol

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Doubtful. The design, testing, and manufacturing process take months. These designs were locked in quite awhile ago! In fact, the iPhone 3G case was leaked ~67 days before it was announced. This phone was leaked ~70 days before its hypothetical announcement. It's too late in the process to significantly change it.

That said, there's the possibility that this is a test platform, prototype. But from the Gizmodo photos, it looks too well engineered.
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I agree! but I feel there is a good probability that this is just a material testing more than form testing. The mainboard might be near final design, but the exteriors doesn't look great. Lets see what Steve pulls out of his hat...
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not likely, but still a hilarious notion... I wish they would release Zune HD with a phone and an apple logo!!! that would really shake things up!!
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