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I found one on the side of the street by my old office. Someone just threw it on the side of the road because the gdrom motor was faulty.

I found someone that was selling a broken one on craigslist, bought it for 5 bucks and pulled the gdrom drive out. After about an hour of swearing and praying I had it working.

My favorite games for the DC are Mr. Driller, Grandia, Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, Skies of Arcadia and Legacy of Kain.

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Wow. The Dreamcast was such a brilliant console, but unfortunately one of the biggest failures in gaming history.

Such a great little machine, and with a bit of hacking, it can work as a linux web server.

Ikaruga is one of my all times favourites. Unfortunately I couldn't source it for the DC, so I had to settle for the GameCube version. Good times.
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That is awesome! Good deal on profiting from someone else's laziness!!
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Yeah. Maybe I am a bit sentimental or emotional but it is sad to see so many re-purposable, repairable and reusable electronics go to waste. We are in an era of "no user serviceable parts" and disposable products. Anyhow, that is another rant for a different time.

I think that my friend and fellow gdgt user rawhewnstone is the king of servicing supposedly non user serviceable stuff. The man is a tinkerer and creator of the kind that I hope to be someday.
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