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I have an iPhone 3G but I really want to switch to android as I don't like the iPhone or at&t. I can switch to Verizon and get a new phone whenever I want.

Does it make sense to get the droid x or the fascinate now, or wait until early 2011 to see the new dual core/LTE phones? How long before dual core/LTE android phones come for Verizon?

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Wait until CES. A Verizon handset you get now won't have Gingerbread for quite a while.
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Although speculative about Gingerbread, I agree that waiting till CES is the best bet. More then likely at least one Gingerbread phone will be announced with dual core capabilities for Verizon. LG just announced its dual core phone but that won't be available for awhile. Now the big question is how long do you want to wait. Any phone announced at CES won't be available immediately and there is a chance you will wait till next summer for a dual core phone. On the other hand the Fascinate is probably just as capable as any dual core phone, the only problem is Samsung same with the X and Motorola. They have no reason to update to the newest OS since it doesn't get them anymore money they have the model of you might get one or two but if you want the latest get the newest phone. Personally I think the Incredible is Verizons best phone ATM and has the best chance of getting gingerbread first. HTC always tried to push updates to phones that are capable but that is obviously my opinion. Ultimately the choice is yours, But I would wait until HTC announces their new phone for Verizon.
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I have to agree. CES is just to close to not wait and see what's coming up down the line. We already know the Incredible HD is out there and waiting for a release (there's been pictures all over and HTC has been sending out teaser product shots). As for Gingerbread, I assume that all new Android phone announced should be Gingerbread'd by the time they are available.

I agree HTC will probably be the most likely to update their phone first. Personally I prefer the Incredible over both the Droid X and Fascinate (if it has to be skinned android, Sense is the most complete). Though like I said Incredible HD, 2.3, possibly LTE, sounds like a great phone in the making.
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