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I have own several brands of in ear buds and these are light years ahead of the rest.

As a broadcaster, I have tried the others with no luck, these Bose sound like the program I am broadcasting. No more "on ear" headphones for me whilei ma on air. Therefore no more headphone hair (if I had hair)

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You find the sound of these to be better than on-ear phones? Have you tried any over-ear models? I find that the sound of moderately priced over ear models is almost always better than some of the really pricey earbud models.
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I would imagine like most Apple owners that 'light years ahead of the rest' means 'light years ahead of the rest in the Store' ;) :p

Downvote away!

On a more serious note - OP, you should try out some balanced armature in-earphones - especially the multi-driver varieties. Or even custom fits. Depending on your budget of course.
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Bose definitely is a taste thing. Actually, its not a Mac Thing, I could see the sense in the custom fits, but price is the biggest issue. Even these required many many weeks of grovelling to the better half.

Appreciate your view
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I don't quite understand 'as a broadcaster' why you have to grovel to the other half for a pair. These are tools for your trade, no?

A taste thing? Ironically the opposite: I was kidding when I mentioned the Store - Apple does actually carry better gear, both on and in ear, but Bose is almost exactly the Apple of the headphone world - design/usability-led items backed up by excellent consumer marketing and decent consumer support, which delivers performance attuned for those who more often than not don't know what they're buying. As a result, their sound is tuned to appeal to the non-'audiophile' - i.e. the broadest taste possible.

Sometimes, they present non-core but nevertheless still important features (superior comfort, more socially acceptable styling, etc) which aren't present in better-performing products and you might well pick the product for a balance of those compromises as I have done at times. But in most cases in terms of the core function itself they represent a 'neither here nor there' mediocrity.

You don't need to spend a lot more to get far more incisive sound - the Etymotic hf5's for example delivers, despite its radically different tone.
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Actually not better than "Cover Ears" ie Akai or the "Over Ears", ie Sennheiser.
These are comparable:
not as sweaty for long periods of talk radio
and most of all, in the station I work at, they supply earphones that every one uses so its very un-hygienic.
Overall not as clumsy
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