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I have the Nexus One and a Mac user. One thing I love about the iPhone is that I can use iTunes to manage podcasts and automatically sync them with my iPhone.

Is there a solution like this for Android?
-Doubletwist: No podcast syncing on Mac
-Songbird: Primitive podcast support. Many feeds are not supported
-banshee: Mac version has no device syncing

Another solution is downloading podcasts directly on my Nexus One. This is not ideal as download speed is slow (faster if I just do it on my desktop and sync them). I did try Google Listen, but flaky downloads and no widget for easy playback controls. I want something that integrates with the built-in music player.

Any other ideas?

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Sailing Media Sync + Mass Storage mode mount? It's what I use with the N900 when I want it to sync off a Mac.

Or, an operating system which actually has diversity in superior media consumption tools and encourages control over your media?

*toothy grin*
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Thanks! Sailing Media Sync seems to be a straightforward solution, although I wish it's a full freeware.
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iTuneMyWalkman used to be a nice free solution, but it's kind of gone by the wayside recently - and stopped working for me. Sailing Sync has a more consistent UI in any case, fuss-free operation and a better pedigree (if that means anything) than the alternatives.

I dunno why anyone would want to buy the Windows version since you can track your iTunes library in any other decent (many free) media manager, but that's kind of a plus as a measure of their commitment to the product as well.
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Google listen is great, unless you are looking for video
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Based on your criteria, I would just stick with downloading them straight to your device for the time being. Podcast subscriptions and more podcast support is coming to DoubleTwist in the near future (according to them). DoubleTwist seems to me to be leaps and bounds ahead of its competition in terms of Android support.
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If you don't like Google Listen (yeah, I hate the interface, but I love that it starts to stream and play the podcast before its downloaded) then give DoggCatcher a try. Been using it since Android came out, and its pretty sweet. Does audio and video podcasts, as well as acting as an RSS reader. Nice UI on it as well.
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