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June 22nd 2012 2:17 am

I have this phone on order through Verizon. I thought it was going to have a 1.5Ghz dual processor? Reading these specs, they all say 1.4Ghz quad processor?

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You're correct, the US variants have the dual processor and not the quad due to issues with LTE. I've gone through and updated all the US variants to the correct processor.
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Thanks Frank. It becomes confusing reading conflicting information. Especially since I have not yet received my new S3 from Verizon who will be the last to get theirs in.
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Just be happy they didn't do what they did with the SII and rebrand it 20x over.

Regarding the processors, I don't think you or most people will notice much difference in the quad vs dual. The S4 has been getting strong praise and combine that with the 2GB of RAM and you can be it will surely fly.
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