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I just overclocked my Pre Plus this morning to 806 MHz, boy this thing is snappy!

Battery life so far doesn't seem to be going down noticeably faster and I've been using the phone quite a bit more since it's actually "modern" smartphone quick. There isn't any lag any more while scrolling between cards or initial lag when rendering larger webpages like Engadget or New York Times. While obviously overclocking isn't for everyone, it seems relatively stable so far. If you're bothered by lag on your Pre, I really recommend this to anyone technical enough to have a gdgt account :)

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Nice! Glad to hear that it's simple enough to do.

This is sort of off-topic, but are you potentially considering picking up the new HP webOS tablet, providing it's snappy enough? It sounds like with some proper optimization, webOS can be pretty snappy and enjoyable to use.
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I would definitely consider a webOS tablet. From the hardware specs that PreCentral.net got ahold of, it looks like it should be a fairly powerful device. (Link:www.engadget.com­/2011­/01­/24­/hp­-palms­-9­-7­-inch­-topa...) For me the only dealbreaker really could be battery life (it has to be as good as the iPad) and the availability of a Kindle app. Maybe sounds a bit silly, but I'm a student and a good amount of my textbooks are on Kindle.
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I have my Sprint Pre clocked at 1ghz. I use Govnah and the kernal that the brilliant minds at webos internals came up with. While the screen is on it runs at 1ghz, and when the screen turns off it downclocks to 250mhz which really helps with battery life.

That in combination with some patches to speed up card transition animations makes it feel like a mid 2010 device. A friend has a stock Pre and it just seems so slow.
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I'm a webOS newbie, how would one go about doing this from stock?
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Go to www.precentral.net and check out their forums. There is lots of info on doing this but I'll give you the quick version.

1. Download webosQuickInstall onto your computer
2. Put your Pre into developer mode by typing upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart (you will see an icon appear, tap it and switch to on)
3. Connect your Pre to your PC and using webosQuickInstall, install Preware
4. Using Preware on your phone, install Govnah. It will install what is needed.
5. Open Govnah and change to 1ghz or 800mhz profile, or make your own!

While you're at it, check out the following patches once you install Preware:
- 4x4 Icons v5
- Battery Icon and Percent
- Delete From Notifications (lets you delete emails from notification)
- Device Menu Ultramix (cleans main dropdown menu and has many useful things, including LED flashlight)
- Faster Card Animations (make your Pre feel much snappier)
- Glass Effect (make your launcher screen look more modern and attractive)
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Thanks! I'm loving the results!
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