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I just upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 4GB in my x120e for around $25. You can download the hardware maintenance manual [1] if you need help like I did.

It also helps to have a plastic tool [2] that helps you avoid scratches on your case.

The first step after removing the battery (and obviously unplugging AC) is to unscrew the three screws near the speakers and remove the door (page 51). There was more resistance on the left side but I eventually got it out. Next, follow the instructions on page (pages 56 - 57). I find it helpful to think of first inserting the chip at a 45 degree angle.
"When installing: Insert the notched end of the DIMM into the socket. Press the DIMM firmly, and pivot it until itsnaps into the place. Make sure that it is firmly fixed in the slot and does not move easily."

The keywords are pivot and snap but I tried to help it in by flexing back the little bracers shown in Table 11.

[1] download.lenovo.com­/ibmdl­/pub­/pc­/pccbbs­/mobiles­_pd...
[2] www.mendapump.com­/MendaCatalog­/Tools­/Probes­/Wooden...

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Strange to see that this doesn't have a dedicated door for the RAM, but it looks like it makes it easier to access everything by just removing three screws.. Thanks for sharing!
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Yeah, I think if SSD prices come down I would be able to upgrade that the same way.
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