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July 2nd 2009 5:50 am

i know this is lustful but...

the black Wii looks WICKED.

i mean..just look at it: pulse2.com­/wp­-content­/uploads­/2009­/06­/black­-wii.jp...

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It does indeed look sexy. Perhaps with a DVD reader/writer this time? That would be cool. And out of curiosity, could that be remedied through a firmware update as it is? or is it hardware related?
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yeah that'd be a nice upgrade. but i dont think they'd include it because a color change alone is a big enough reason for ppl to get one, and not for update because they'd want you to splurge for Wii's successor instead.
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mmmmmmm Black Wii HD *drool*
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Nothing you can't do to your white Wii with a can of black Krylon and a little patience...
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Bad joke teimz: I hear the Black Wii is longer!

You know what, I'd totally get another Wii in Black. Not only because it's a different color, but because I want a new Wii for hacking, so I can get Brawl+ and use the camera hack to make machinima. Why do I need a new Wii? Because there's no way in hell I'm gonna risk that on my current Wii which I've already spent $100+ on for WiiWare, Virtual Console and DLC.
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