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May 27th 2014 2:28 pm

I lost my earbuds in San Francisco. High on a hill...

So I've just returned from a visit to San Francisco, where I got to spend some face-to-face time with some Engadget colleagues, and my beloved Klipsch S4 II earbuds are nowhere to be found.

I somehow blame Frankspin for this.

Anyway, I could use some suggestions for earbuds, or perhaps even on-ears, that sound great, travel well (noise-isolation, portability, etc.) and, hopefully, don't cost too much ($200-ish at most).

Any suggestions?

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How is this my fault!

I still think in-ear or earbuds win out for portability, regardless of how well something travels. That is unless it comes with noise cancelling, but then you're over the $200 range.

I've seen a lot of positive feedback for the RHA MA750i, as well as Meelectronics A161p, Shure SE215, HiFiMan HE-400. This is probably the most comprehensive review thread I've ever seen for headphones of any type and there is a lot of good info in here: www.head­-fi.org­/t­/478568­/multi­-iem­-review­-316­-iems...
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The latest Sony's have been getting a lot of good press.
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The best headphones I've owned are Etymotic's HF3s, currently $130 on Amazon: www.amazon.com­/Etymotic­-Research­-ER23­-HF3­-BLACK­-I­-...
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Several awesome suggestions. Thanks all!
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