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I love my Nexus One, my biggest problem is media sync. Has everyone found a full media manger software like iTunes but for Android.

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Have you tried DoubleTwist? www.doubletwist.com­/dt­/Home­/Index.dt
They offer Mac and Windows versions.
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I did, but it always has problems finding my Nexus One, it is very annoying
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this is probably a problem with mounting your phone to your computer. if you download the doubletwist app on your phone (which is an excellent replacement for the default music player) it will automount your phone when you plug it in.
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Does the playcount sync work?
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exactly what dajmeister says. but also make sure you drop down the notification bar and choose "mount sd" that might solve you're problem.
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I think that's a big feature of sugarsync (SugarSync.com). While I don't use it for media, just file back up, I love it and it's android app.
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