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March 30th 2010 7:59 am

I love the Power Glove. It's so bad...


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Best. Worst. Movie. Ever.
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Dude, when it's the 80s and you're < 15 years old, there is literally NOTHING in the world cooler than this 100 minute long Nintendo commercial.

P.S. -Big ups to Jenny Lewis for actually growing up to be totally awesome.
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Well Fred Savage got to be pretty baller as well. Everything he's done on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been amazing.
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I would like to strike this comment from the record.

Wonder Years > all.
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No joke! Jenny Lewis is amazing. I so clearly remember this: about 7 years ago, my friend and I wondered aloud "what the heck ever happened to that girl from The Wizard?" Naturally, we were both of the age that when that movie came out, it was the greatest thing ever, and we had total crushes on the redhead. So we checked out IMDb and found out she was in a band! And the lead guitarist is that guy from Boy Meets World! Naturally, we thought "this will be the worst thing ever." So we "obtained" their album ("The Execution of All Things") and played it. Halfway through "The Good that Won't Come Out" we were in love with that band.

Oh yeah, and the power glove is so bad. And also, it's just plain bad.
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Upon reading the title and clicking on the link I was saying in my head "If this post is about The Wizard I'm quitting this website".

I remember being a kid, watching this movie and being exposed to Super Mario Brothers 3 for the first time. My world was turned upside down. Truly a classic movie.
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The best thing to happen to nintendo ever....

The quote... not the crappy movie or device!!!

subnote: every time I see the end of the movie, I still get violently upset... "Wizard or not, he couldn't have f**king known to crouch on that one stupid platform!!!! this is bulls**t!!!"

:) :) :)
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