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I'm getting connection issues with the wireless Xbox 360 mic and the RF remote from Dish's box.

My suspicion is that annoying 2.4ghz interference problem. Every-so-often when the remote's in the same room as the mic, the connection will cut out, but when I try to resync it to the Xbox, it won't let it back on player one. Only when I remove the remote from the room can it reconnect. Its very annoying. Anyone else have this problem?

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Think I might get a Turtle Beach X11.
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I love everything about that headset except every 10 - 20 minutes I hear the beep of the thing reconnecting and realize everything I've been saying for the past 30 seconds nobody could hear me. Haven't used it in a year or more because of connection problems. let us know how you like the turtle beach.
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I'm still on the fence about the Turtle Beach. Depends how things go.
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