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I'm moderating a panel on the future of user interfaces at CES 2011 this week. We've assembled an extremely exciting panel that includes Dr.

Richard Marks (Sony; creator of PlayStation Eye and Move), Albert Shum (Microsoft; principal designer of Windows Phone 7), Dr. Andrew Hsu (Synaptics; Technology Strategist), Xavier Lauwaert (HP; Worldwide Marketing Manager), and Paolo Pastorino (Loquendo).

Let me know if you have any questions you'd like to see asked to this remarkably distinguished panel of experts -- they represent companies leading the field in spatial, gestural, touch, and voice interfaces for consumers.

Also, if you're at CES be sure to, you know, come to the panel! It's 10:30am Thursday at N254 in North Hall. Details here: www.cesweb.org­/conferenceProgram­/search­/sessionDet...

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Do they really expect voice interfaces to actually ergonomically work ever? In home or office settings?
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I think it's just a matter of how naturally sounding we can get the interface to be and react. If you can get it to interact with a user and the user just using normal speech that they'd intuitively understand, I could see that becoming immensely useful. We're getting closer to that, but I think the brains behind the voice control need to improve dramatically before we're there.
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I hope you talk about the 5 senses and more: talk to, listen from, touch, flick, mac's multi-touch trackpad...
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