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September 25th 2011 3:41 pm

I'm pretty excited to see what Amazon brings to the table with regard to tablets

Peter recently mentioned that he was invited to an Amazon press event in New York next week and asked for your predictions about their new tablet (gdgt.com­/question­/looks­-like­-amazon­-is­-announcing­-...).

This morning, the New York Times published a piece on Amazon's new tablet, Anticipated Amazon Tablet to Take Aim at Apple iPad. The article highlighted some of the differences in strategies and why this tablet matters:

The competition will be asymmetrical. Apple sells movies, music and books in order to sell devices. Amazon sells devices in order to sell books, movies and music. Apple has never faced an opponent with such a vastly different strategy. Apple declined to comment on its strategy against Amazon. Few if any analysts expect Apple to seriously stumble, but that is not to say it will emerge unscathed. The Amazon tablet might be underpowered when set against the iPad, a Corolla to Apple’s Lexus, but that might not matter.

No matter what happens, I'm really excited about this. I think Amazon brings something interesting to the tablet race that we haven't seen before. And it can only mean one thing, we as consumers win!

Via: www.nytimes.com­/2011­/09­/26­/technology­/anticipated­-...

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Me too, I think because Amazon is a retailer and service provider first they're going to take a different approach to a tablet than a company that is about hardware first and foremost. I don't necessarily think they're going to have an easy go of it, but if they price it right and the tablet itself is good (i.e. not sluggish) they could do well.
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I think a deciding factor in how well this will do is how Amazon can go about separating itself out from every other Android tablet. I know they will do great here with content (Music, OnDemand, Kindle, AppStore) but I'm more curious about how they can improve the experience of Android on a tablet. I really want this to do well and if it can come in close to the NookColor while delivering a better experience I think it stands a chance to compete.

I'm curious if they'll offer a Free 3g version like they do now and if they do will it still only be for books or will they open it to all of their services.
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If they offer free 3G I'm definitely going to get one assuming the rest of the tablet doesn't suck.
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i would much rather buy a corolla rather than a lexus.
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Hah. I appreciate the analogy that the writer of the article made, but in this case, it's bad. The Corolla doesn't even have an engine yet. And it's sitting on blocks.
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Wow, I never really thought about Apple's or Amazon's strategy in selling hardware. That is really interesting and I can't wait for this "war" to start. I'd really like to see how Apple will respond to this.
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Even though I don't foresee myself buying one any time soon, I still can't wait for this to come out because I love Amazon as a company and I am curious to see what slant they will take. We do a pretty heavy percentage of our shopping through Amazon and I am hoping they do something slick to improve that relationship... like maybe some kind of grocery inventory system that lets you scan UPCs of all groceries as you bring them home (and automatically adds in whatever you order through Amazon without the scanning) and then helps you scan items as you use them to track usage and give notifications when you are getting low on something or when it is likely time to buy something again based on shopping habits. That would be wicked, and so much more manageable on the larger screen of a tablet. Add in all the digital content and this can be something very different from the iPad, and so much more appealing.
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I am also very excited to see what this is. I think Amazon has the potential to bring a very streamlined budget tablet to the market and that sounds intriguing to me. I have to wonder if they will work in their streaming service in some fashion to it (could be a big selling point I think).
However if I am worried about one thing it is their super forked/custom android OS. I really hope they are trying to pull out all the stops to make it usable and snappy.

Also 7" is the best tablet size ;)
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I'm sure there are more Corollas on the streets than Lexuses (Lexii?). Anyway, amazon is going for quantity over quality; I'm eagerly anticipating to see how this is going to go!
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If the main draw is "it's cheaper" then I don't see it having much of an effect on iPad. I can see it completely killing Android tablets though, since that seems to be their main draw as well.

I have real reservations about an Amazon-forked OS vs Apple or Google, both of which are dedicated software companies and have OS experience that ranges from decades to at least 4 years. What happens when Android gets an update with new features? Is Amazon even going to bother with OS updates at all? Is Amazon going to release a SDK that is in any way comparable with Apple/Google?
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