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I'm really happy with the Tech, the one to one tracking in 3D space works really well. The launch games however are nothing to write home about.

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There was an interesting discussion on the latest TWiT between Leo, Ryan, Veronica, and Kara Swisher about the Move and the Kinect. Most seemed to be more sold on the Kinect's utility and accuracy compared to the Move.

It will be interesting to see how things shape up when both systems are finally released.
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Gah.. must catch up on podcasts
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Yeah.. I don’t know about the tracking. It seems "ok" to me, not great not bad. I'm not at all sure about the response times. On some of the tech demos (come on.. most of these aren’t games) that came out at launch it seems very responsive. But in the Ruse demo it felt very "squishy" and laggy. I worry about what this means for control schemes in things that are more system intensive than these tech demos.

The Heavy Rain upgrade was nice, and the time I spent playing with move in HR move quickly became very easy to use. I noticed part way through they stopped explaining the actions icons, and just gave you a new one that you intuitively knew what meant. Although I never seem to get very far through HR, despite enjoying it while I am playing. It doesn’t call me back.

Using the move on the XMB is just terrible. The most use I've got out of the whole setup is using the nun chuck controller instead of the PS3 controller to watch TVNZ on Demand. It's more like a TV remote and doesn’t screw up their web page as much as using my TV IR remote via HDMI.

For those of you outside New Zealand: TVNZ on demand is one of the TV Stations in NZs cheap and nasty version of hulu. They have a icon in the XMB which links to a web page formatted for PS3 and plays video (that you are not supposed to notice is in the browser). The page is easy to break, if you select the wrong thing will it will often load another tab you can't see, or redirect to their regular website.
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