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March 25th 2014 2:20 pm

I'm really interested in the HTC One!

Brad published his review of the new HTC One earlier today and gave it some pretty high marks:

I've always had a thing for the HTC One, but one thing that boggles my mind is why they don't make the camera a bit better. I know that megapixels aren't everything, but to basically stick with the same camera module as the original (4MP)? Come onnnnnnn, HTC!

Anyway, it looks like there's some processing that lets this camera take some better photos, especially in low light situations.

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Right before I picked up the 5s I got the One thinking it would keep me from jumping ship, but I was really bummed out. The camera was pretty bad IMO with a ton of purple fringing. It's a bit of a bummer to see it's not much better with the new model.
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I've always wanted one as well, but I'm not sure if I like the way new one looks. And I agree it was a missed opportunity to revise the UltraPixel camera with a higher resolution sensor (balance it like the iPhone 5s with larger than normal pixels, but still a normal resolution) - they could've really brought up the bar on that.
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The pictures don't really do it justice, I was worried about that too. But it's a beautiful phone in person.
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What do you like about it in particular that the Z2 doesn't have? In 2013 I too thought it was a great phone and wished I had got one. But in 2014 I am leaning more toward the Z2. The One doesn't seem to have anything over the Z2.

That said, the camera in the one isn't about Megapixels. It is a great camera for someone taking pictures for their computer, photo collection, web, keep on phone, tablet. But not great for large prints. But who uses a cell for large prints anyway? regardless of the MPs? You may get more MP on a different phone but the picture quality won't be any higher. Just a bit more croppable.
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