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I'm really liking the look of this, and the suggested pricing. The only worry is that it doesn't carry the market place.

That's a real shame - I'd want my favourite apps on there.

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It's more an annoyance then anything. Seems that a lot of people have forgotten that apps can be backed up to your sd card to be installed on a new phone ect. App manager in the market will let you back up all apps that are not protected(very rare any more or at least the apps i use) to the sd, from there you put them on your computer then on the 101 and install. In anycase the 101 and other tablets from archos should get the unofficial market/google apps like the a5s did.
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If you do some googling you'll find archosfans.com where one of the forumers has found a way to put the android marketplace on these generation 8 devices (just like they did with the Gen7s: the Archos 5 and the Archos 7), it'll even give you the Google Apps so you can sync back and forth with all the Google services I believe.
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