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I'm thinking of buying one of these to serve as an HTPC.

So I was wondering which is considered more powerful and which consumes more power, the AMD Fusion or Atom + Ion?

I looked around and didn't see any comparisons I liked.

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Since AMD Fusion is relatively new, we probably won't see too many benchmarks out there just yet.

With that said, I think I would opt for the Fusion version because Atom has just left a bad taste in my mouth. Blame my netbook for that.
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What exactly left you so burnt by Atom? Ion would fix all the problems I have with my netbook, at cost of battery life of course.
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Good question... Let me poke around
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Found a decent review/ comparison. tbreak.com­/tech­/2011­/01­/zotac­-zbox­-blu­-ray­-ad03­-ht...

The bigger power supply and alleged increased noise worry me, but I'm waiting for more reviews.
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Hot Hardware took a look and found lower power consumption and increased performance in application other then games. Looks like I found a winner.

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